It’s all too bloody weird and commercial for my liking but I suppose none of this should be a surprise.

According to this story in the Independent the celebrity couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, were foiled in their attempt to gain the legal rights to use their daughter’s name, Blue Ivy, commercially in the USofA. After all, they only have just over a billion USD between them so another winning formula is needed.

I suppose we have to give them some credit for not naming their child Moon Unit, Fifi Trixibelle, Kal-El or Sage Moonblood. Blue Ivy does at least give the possibility of using the middle name if “Blue” isn’t working out. But my first uncomfortable thought was whether the choice of name was influenced by their already hatched commercial plans.

“Concentrate Jay-Z! We need a name that will work well with our forthcoming range of baby products and clothes so I don’t think your idea of Ma Bitch is really going to work!”

“Beyonce, baby, neither is your idea of Bling Dog. We gotta think again!”

“Okay, lets just get our marketing people on the job. They’ll come up with something.”

Which came first, the child’s name or the business idea, we don’t know. What we do know is that a wedding planner in Boston already has a business named Blue Ivy and that she mounted a legal challenge to protect her business against the big bad celebrities and won.

Again, I’m uncomfortable. Would her company not, in the main, benefit from the extraordinary amount of media attention that would be applied to “Blue Ivy – Baby Products by Jay-Z & Beyonce”? You’d think so and certainly her web site suggests she’s already making the most of it so I guess she thinks so too. But no, she was worried it would affect her business, in a negative way, and so she fought her corner and won. There is that last line of the Independent piece though where it says

“Alexander added that she would happily give up the rights to the name if Beyoncé and Jay-Z were to make an offer.”

Next moves I suppose are either to pay the lady an undisclosed sum or to call the baby product business Blue Ivy Z, Beyonce Blue Ivy, or to add the real surname and use Blue Ivy Carter, hmmmmm.

Is there anything on either side of this whole story that is not driven by money, possibly even greed? Why not call the poor mite Cash Cow and done with it?

Other heartwarming celebrity news – One Direction have burst into somebody-or-others chart of rich bastards with a combined estimated wealth of X millions, knocking the ginger Harry Potter guy down a place with only Y millions! (apologies for rampant gingerism back there!). I’ve never even heard of One Direction but they appear to be a bunch of twelve year olds with microphones. I assume they won one or other crass talent show?

I’m too old for this crap.

One thought on “Celebrity

  1. What can one say about sellebrities, obviously a lot.
    In my opinion you have touched on a much more important issue here – gingerism.
    I recommend the link below to learn more about this red-hot (no pun intended) subject.

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