High rise luxury living in Warsaw

Get that shoe box out from under babcia’s bed and come invest in the emerging high-rise luxury that is springing up in the centre of the nation’s capital.

Just a short walk from each other we have Złota 44 and Cosmopolitan, between them 503 apartments (half in each building) are either sold or (most likely) for sale. As usual, finding out how many are still available and the real price you’d have to pay for one is a mission worthy of the next James Bond film, “PriceFall”.

Złota 44. It doesn’t matter how many of these cheap panels they install it still doesn’t look like the original design vision has been delivered. Compare the photo to the website. The website waxes lyrical but the actions speak of cost savings and “let’s just get this damned thing finished!”.

“Contrary to appearances, buildings are not part of the world of inanimate objects. They live and breathe as people do. They have their outward appearance and their interiors.”
These simple words of Daniel Libeskind are an eloquent expression of a philosophy the eminent architect follows. To frame a perfect apartment design, we need to heed the needs of its future residents: to make sure the interior harmonizes with their daily lives; as a good roommate would.
Apartment 101 was designed with extraordinary attention to detail to maximise the comfort of living within. A clear subdivision exists into the open and accessible daytime zone and the private zone reserved for the use of inhabitants. The luxuriously fitted interior is highly functional, ordered and lends itself freely to individual organisation of space. The extensive glass wall surfaces with south-western exposure make the residence well lit and sunny.
The apartment’s interior is in perfect sync with the metropolitan beat of Warsaw, which from the living and dining room area feels a hand-stretch away. Attractiveness of the location is accentuated by the close proximity of Złote Tarasy shopping mall, with its unique architecture and characteristic multiple glass domes.
The apartment’s private zone accommodates three bedrooms, including the Master Bedroom with en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet.
This, as all other residences in the building, is equipped with the HMS facility management system, which provides touch screen control of technical units in the apartment and facilitates communication with the tenant support services.

The annoyingly named Cosmopolitan, we already have a Metropolitan, is slightly more down to earth with less emphasis on luxury and more on the view and the architecture.

Cosmopolitan Twarda 2/4 is a masterpiece of architecture, not only because it was designed with a brilliant and modern sense of form and style, but also because it is supposed to give its inhabitants a sense of stability and safety.

Not entirely sure how the architecture is going to impress, nor how a tower that looks like a strong breeze is worthy of an evacuation counts for a sense of stability. Zosia (age 9) would have come up with something similar had I told her to draw a tall skinny apartment tower, but perhaps there are subtle details yet to be revealed. One thing for sure, it is going up faster than Złota 44 and with (so far) no pregnant pauses. Had I invested in either of these I’d be more confident of moving into Cosmo than Złota.

So, roll up, roll up this might just be the chance of a lifetime. If this area becomes Warsaw’s “docklands” then even today’s ridiculous prices might seem a bargain in 2025!


Bottom of Z44 on the left, Cosmo in distance on right.


Złota 44 – today


Cosmopolitan looking stright down Emilii Plater

5 thoughts on “High rise luxury living in Warsaw

  1. seba65536 says:

    I still like Zlota more.

  2. DC says:

    Hi Scatts –

    It’s kind of difficult to agree or disagree with your point with the low res pictures. I agree about the Cosmo name. I don’t think it will age well.


    A. Snapper

  3. Betty Lewis says:

    When I choose a place to stay, I would look for a place where it can connect me to many important places that I need to go just like this high rise luxury living in Warsaw. It is equipped with many great facilities that I look for in a condo so there’s no need for me to go to other places since they are all here in one place.

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