Oh boy! When you post updates every few years you tend to focus on a few big headlines and I have to say that in recent years, the big headlines have NOT been good!

In the last update, four years ago in May 2018, we had Trump and Brexit on the main stage, which I thought was bad enough, but this time we’ve got a two-year-long global pandemic and a war in Europe. I hate to think what comes in the next update, if I’m even here to write it & if anyone’s left alive to read it.

2018-19 were just an eat-all-you-can buffet (or Swedish Table as we say here in Poland) of Trump & Brexit getting more and more ridiculous until you got to the point where the original Trump & Brexit, which seemed utter madness at the time, actually started to look like perfectly normal and sensible things to happen. Then we get into 2020 and the whole world goes tits-up, pear-shaped and locked-down thanks to this little fucker!

The SARS-CoV-2 virus – AKA covid, covid-19

As I type, we might have seen the end of the pandemic. Just a few days ago, Poland announced it was shifting from actually having an epidemic to being only epidemic ready. It has lasted over two years and from 523 million cases globally, 6.3 million people have died. The pandemic has made us question almost everything, from health-services to office work, from how much you can rely on governments to how much you can rely on your fellow citizens and from data reliability to belief in science. A lot of questions – so far, not many answers. I hope those will come.

We swung into 2022 thinking the sunlit uplands were just round the next bend only for this to hijacked by Trump’s fellow asylum inmate, Putin. Vlad had been hiding in a damp basement storage room in the Kremlin for the whole of the pandemic; scared of the virus, brooding over the fact that Joe the Vampire had replaced his American friend, worried that his days of bareback horse riding were over and that this would be seen as a sign of weakness by the evil powers of NATO who were, right now, gathering on his doorstep! Combine this with the fact that a family of Russian leprechauns who shared his basement rooms had convinced him that he shouldn’t be satisfied with just Crimea and actually he should take rest of Ukraine because the people of Ukraine wanted that too, because they were actually Russian and were just dying to be part of the Soviet Peoples Republic of Putinland – and the stage was set for the “special military operations” that are now in their 84th day.

As if this wasn’t enough, inflation is raging and the cost of living is increasing at a ridiculous rate. Interest rates rising it seems every month meaning much higher payments for mortgages or loans on top of out-of-control fuel prices for gas, electricity, petrol and smaller but equally noticeable increases for pretty much everything else. Unless you are incredibly lucky, your income is not rising anywhere near as much as your costs so we can gaze enviably at the new freedoms allowed by being pandemic-free while we sit at home for another year or two because we can’t afford to do anything else!

What a truly fucking excellent time to be alive!

My personal icing-on-the-cake moment was the loss of my father in Feb 2021. Covid-related but not only. RIP dad – hope things are better up there!

Blog housekeeping. I’ve approved a few and deleted many comments. At this stage of the game, guys, really don’t bother leaving anything other than reasonable, informative, friendly comments because anything else is getting canned.

Stats are (understandably) falling off a cliff. At this rate, I may have to get a day job! :-)

Visitors (for views multiply by 1.25 roughly) 2018: 75,500, 2019: 41,200, 2020: 21,400, 2021: 19,000, 2022 (4 months): 7,000

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