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Christmas caption competition

It’s a Christmas caption competition in the sense that it’s happening at Christmas time. Gather your family around the monitor after Christmas (eve) dinner and encourage them to invent witty alternatives.


…and then Father Christmas murdered my brother and stuffed him in a sack… honest

* * *

President of Poland hypnotised… twice

* * *

Miraculous vodka pool discovered in Lublin

* * *

Does my dictatorship look big in this?

* * *

Polish crowds eagerly anticipate first disaster of 2011

Polish-English Translation Competition #13 (closed)

The 13th translation competition absolutely coincidentally comes out on the 13th day of month. Given the waning attention Polandian’s readers pay to translation competitions, I am of the opinion it is high time we came up with something that would freshen up the content of the page. Before it happens, the last portion of translation puzzles. Here we go!

1. dać komuś popalić – to give sb a rough ride (island1)
2. radość życia – zest for life (Steve)
3. urżnąć się – to get hammered (-)
4. mieć przechlapane – to be in a doghouse (Steve)
5. salwy śmiechu – peals of laughter (siudol)
6. dojść do słowa – to get a word in edgeways (Decoy)
7. przypaść komuś do gustu – to take one’s fancy (Kasia)
8. podciąć komuś skrzydła – to take wind out of sb’s sails (Kasia)
9. otoczka dobrobytu – spare tyre (island1)
10. nie zmrużyć oka – not sleep a wink (daa)

There’s not leitmotiv this time, hope you won’t let me down, most of the phrases are really easy.

Good luck!

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Polish Logo Competition #7: Telecommunications

Each reader of Polandian probably has a mobile phone with them or near them, showing how all-pervasive telecommunications technology has become. Poland is no stranger to telecommunications, with probably every second advertisement on TV being for a mobile phone operator. With that in mind, we will test how familiar you are with the logos of the main Polish telecommunications companies.

Please note that these logos include general Polish telecoms companies, as well as mobile phone operators. Some of the telecoms firms may not be so well known, making this slightly more difficult.

Logo #1 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #2 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #3 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #4 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #5 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #6 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #7 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #8 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #9 ˅˅˅˅:

Logo #10 ˅˅˅˅:


And the correct answers are:

Logo #1: Telekomunikacja Kolejowa (as answered by papageno)

Logo #2: Plus/Simplus (as answered by papageno)

Logo #3: Orange (as answered by Basia z Szwecji)

Logo #4: Telekomunikacja Polska (as answered by papageno)

Logo #5: Era (as answered by Basia z Szwecji)

Logo #6: Cyfra+ (as answered by Esentialacalma)

Logo #7: TS2 (as answered by papageno)

Logo #8: Sami Swoi (as answered by papageno)

Logo #9: Heyah (as answered by Basia z Szwecji)

Logo #10: Play (as answered by Basia z Szwecji)

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Polish-English Translation Competition #12 (closed)

If some of you, dear readers, wonder if the translation competitions will ever disappear from Polandian, I can assure you we have had more down than we have to go. We are actually winding down, hence short phrases to guess in this round.

1. niedoróbka – glitch (-)
2. zaścianek – a backwater (Decoy)
3. parapetówka – a house warming party (Basia z Szwecji)
4. rozchodniak – one for the road (Grze$ko)
5. wymówka – a cop-out (Basia z Szwecji)
6. zrzutka – a whip-round (Steve)
7. zapeszać – to put a jinx on it (-)
8. wykapany… – a spitting image (of sb) (Steve)
9. bajzel – shambles (-)
10. bebech – paunch (-)

Keep you answers short and simple!

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