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Polish Logo Competiton #4 – Alcohol

Next up for Polandian competitions, we have a return of the logo competitions. This one should be another fairly easy one, with Polish alcohol labels and brands being used. There are a few beers and a few vodkas, so just like a regular night out in that regard.

The names have been blanked out to protect the innocent and those under 18, but the remainder of the labels should be enough of a clue as to the identity of the brand.

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3

Logo #4

Logo #5

Logo #6

Logo #7

Logo #8

Logo #9

Logo #10

Na zdrowie!


Correct answers so far:

Logo #1: Tyskie (as answered by Neil)

Logo#2: Lech (as answered by Maggie)

Logo#3: Żywiec (as answered by Maggie)

Logo#4: Ciechan (as answered by Maggie)

Logo#5: Okocim (as answered by scatts)

Logo#6: Żubr (as answered by odrzut)

Logo#7: Belvedere vodka (as answered by EM)

Logo#8: Wyborowa vodka (as answered by EM)

Logo#9: Sobieski vodka (as answered by EM)

Logo#10: Wódka Zoladkowa Górzka (as answered by EM)

I’ll try to improve on the numbering going forwards!

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Polish-English translation competition #8 (closed)

Ladies and Gentlemen…

The expression above is surely not the most appropriate way of addressing you, as today’s competition revolves around impolite and foul language. The last competition, over the course of which some of the contestants were subtly insulted, blended with the recent dress code post have conjured up a really explosive mixture. Don’t bridle at some of the phrases below please and enjoy the quiz!

1. gumka – johhny (Littleivory)
2. zadupie – back of beyond (Kasia)
3. puszczać pawia – to break wind (arturwarrior)
4. farmazony – double Dutch (Littleivory)
5. zasadzić komuś z bańki – to headbutt (arturwarrior)
6. odwal się – drop dead (Littleivory)
7. mieć coś w nosie – do not give a damn about sth (arturwarrior)
8. wyżerka – blowout (daa)
9. obcyndalać się – to doss about (Steve)
10.wyżej s*a niż d*pę ma – toffee-nosed (Steve)

Good lack!

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Polish Logo Competition #3 – Coats of Arms

The first two Polandian logo competitions seemed to prove quite popular, but for some people they were too easy. Answers for all ten logos in both competitions were found within a matter hours… However, this time will prove less easy, as we look at the city logos, or coats of arms as they are also known. For those that are not familiar with them, they are the logos which are used to represent cities, normally in official situations. Depending on the location, they can include items of historical significance for the city such as a symbol representing trade, war or learning.

Let’s hope this proves more of a challenge than the previous two logo competitions. Some of the coats of arms might gives a few clues,but not all will be obvious, hopefully.

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3

Logo #4

Logo #5

Logo #6

Logo #7

Logo #8

Logo #9

Logo #10


And the correct answers are:

Logo #1: Bydgoszcz (as answered by siudol)

Logo #2:  Szczecin (as answered by siudol)

Logo #3: Torun (as answered by siudol)

Logo #4: Lublin (as answered by island1)

Logo #5: Kraków (as answered by island1)

Logo #6: Łódź (as answered by island1)

Logo #7: Warsaw (as answered by island1)

Logo#8: Poznań (as answered by siudol)

Logo #9: Wrocław (as answered by island1)

Logo #10: Katowice (as answered by siudol)

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Polish-English Translation Competition #7 (closed)

I recently read some official PL->EN (mis)translations (guess if they were drawn up by a native speaker) and wondered if it would be advisable to run at least one competition in which instead on colloqialisms we would focus on lingo – financial, legal, etc. At the moment I am wary of this stillborn idea. Besides, I would be glad to get any feedback from you on what you make of running next translation competitions. I am not short of more-or-less challenging words and idioms, but as I observe, the popularity of translation competitions is on decline.

Anyway, the leitmotiv of my second competition was “calling people names” or something like this, I’m too lazy to check it right now.  Given the abundance of expressions languages have to describe miscellaneous types of weirdos, we would have to hold at least a dozen contests to cover them exhaustively. But today let’s try to find translations of only next 10 such phrases. Here we go!

1. ćpun – junkie (Maggie)
2. kanalia – scum (Michael Dembinski)
3. zołza – hog (scatts)
4. popychadło – doormat (Maggie)
5. niezła d*pa – a (fine) piece of ass / arse (PMK)
6. pirat drogowy – road hog (Decoy)
7. bachor – brat (PMK)
8. równy gość – regular guy (scatts)
9. stary piernik – (old) fogey (Maggie)
10. grafoman – scribbler (Maggie)

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Polish Logo Competition #2 – Banks

The first Polandian logo competition proved to be quite popular, and the majority of answers were found extremely quickly – showing how well-travelled Polandian readers must be. On an earlier post, Island1 previously covered how there are so many banks on the streets of Polish cities. With that in mind, I present the second logo competition, looking at the logos of some of those banks.

All of these banks have branches in Poland. Many of them will not be Polish but will probably be international banks or foreign-owned. However, they can all be found trading in Poland.

Bank Logo #1

Bank Logo #2

Bank Logo #3

Bank Logo #4

Bank Logo #5

Bank Logo #6

Please note that the above image is half of the full logo

Bank Logo #7

Bank Logo #8

Bank Logo #9

Bank Logo #10

Please note that whoever can answer all ten logos in one go will have their details passed onto the relevant tax authorities, in order for his/her multiple bank accounts to be audited!


And the correct answers are (all found by Piotrek in record time):

1. Bank BPH SA
2. Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA
3. Nordea Bank Polska SA
4. Deutsche Bank Polska SA
5. mBank (BRE Bank SA)
6. Invest-Bank SA
7. ING Bank Śląski SA
8. Euro Bank SA
9. Bank Zachodni WBK SA
10. MultiBank (BRE Bank SA)

Please note that the above logo is half of the full logo
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