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Polandian is three!

Hooray! We have just passed by another milestone and this is by no means the end!

Long ago, and without a prospect of finding jobs as journalists (except for Island1), we decided it would it be better if our musings a) didn’t just huddle together in our heads and b) were let out of there and the word would be spread!

For four of us Poland is a new home, a place where we encounter peculiarities, absurdities, oddities. One odd writer is Polish and for no apparent reason he thought it would be cool to rub shoulders with pre-eminent bloggers of English, Irish or American descent.

Now we’re at the point of our development where we’ve already familiarised our readers with the most curious things life in Poland entails. However, this country remains an unfailing source of stuff to describe and our writers are unfailing in attempting to do so.

For my part I can say I’ve drawn the most pleasure from contributing to Polandian when my posts received tens of replies and provoked heated discussion between our readers and, occasionally, us.

We don’t avoid politics here, we write about it whenever it really riles us up.

I have no idea what keywords might best describe our collaborative blog. It’s not us who should adjudicate.

At this point I’ve run out of ideas, but somewhere in the Internet I’ve found what characterises a child at the age of three. They:
1. have full set of teeth,
2. use a potty,
3. dress themselves with some help of adults,
4. name colours,
5. ride a three- or four-wheel bicycle,
6. talk in short sentences,
7. are fond of asking ‘why?’,
any many, many more.

We’re planning to send Polandian to a nursery school in September. If you can recommend a good one, have your say!

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Polandian – One Million Visits!

Just a quickie!

Somewhere in the middle of the night on June 23rd/24th, Polandian crossed the significant milestone of 1,000,000 visits! A somnambulant Pole or one of our American friends settling down for an evening of Polandian, who knows, but someone out there was the winner of our special prize of one million groszy (€2,400) for the millionth visitor. Pity we don’t know who to give it to but hey, we’ll invest it and see if we can’t find out who the 10,000,000th visitor is!

One million visitors, just think about it. That’s the population of a small country, one like Estonia or Mauritius, more than double the size of Luxembourg or Malta and those crazy Icelandics would have to have all visited more than three times each to get the clock up to a million visits! Still, what with crashed banks and volcano clouds they haven’t really had the time.

Everyone here at Polandian Inc. would like to thank all those who contributed to our crossing of this threshold. Those who read, those who comment and even those who arrived here by accident while searching for “Hot Polish Babes” and didn’t stay very long. A special thank you has to go to the much smaller number of people who visit here regularly and contribute. It is for you that we keep this place going, for you that we work all the hours God sent, ignore our families and spend fortunes on domains and bandwidth and stuff. Come to think of it, bugger off would you! :-)

We’re looking forward to the next million and hope you’ll all still be with us when we get there.

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Blog Meet 2010

As was widely advertised, the first blog meet of 2010 was held this past weekend in the beautiful city of Krakow. Recent high-profile burials in the city meant that the Krakow security forces were already on alert for incoming celebrities and the whole thing went off without a hitch.


I should warn you that this was the only time the whole weekend that the sun actually shone on something worth photographing. We have made a note to avoid majówka weekends in future as they are always rainy!

People came from far and they came from wide but mostly the good thing was that they came. Winner, by a mile, in the “most mental journey” category was Michael Dembinski who rather than do something silly like catch a train from Warsaw decided to turn it into a kind of Iron Man triathlon. This involved getting up in the middle of the night, walking into Warsaw, swimming across the Wisła naked and then cycling 100km to a place with no name before boarding a goods wagon that took 2 hours to cover 20km. He eventually turned up at the venue 18 hours after leaving home, soaking wet, exhausted and ready for a pint. Other attendees had less exotic journeys, some involving gentle strolls of at least 300m.

These guests, all members of the “Order of The Sisters of Blog”, were so worried about being late they broke into a march as they passed Wawel!


Some, who shall remain nameless (unless I’m asked for names), didn’t make it. I’m sure they have good excuses but it would be nice to think they spent most of the weekend whipping themselves all the same.

Perhaps inspired by natural habitat, Jamie had selected a venue that was round the corner, down the back, up some stairs and in the attic. Some say he gets nervous if he strays too far from pigeons, others say the pyramid shape of roof space is the only thing that keeps him sane. I don’t believe any of it, it was just a coincidence. The restaurant “Nostalgia” did a grand job providing lashings of beer with very acceptable speed. The food wasn’t bad either.

Polandian blog meets are the bloggers equivalent of Davos. Matters of vital importance are discussed, sometimes more than once but rarely is anything concluded or decided upon. We agreed that Google Analytics was probably a fine thing if we could only get it to work and then bother looking at it. We had deep thoughts about what Polandian is, was & should be. We debated for hours the ins and outs of a good post and then decided just to slap them up anyway. New members, Derek and Brad were welcomed to the Polandian fold by undergoing the ancient initiation ceremony. I can’t tell you what this involves because if I did we wouldn’t be a secret society but I can tell you that they have been walking strangely and using a lot of cream ever since.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the gang – the first shot with my better half and a hiding child, the second with me and a child playing with someone’s phone. Special mentions to Jamie and Derek for managing to hold the same expression the longest! Actually, I don’t think they changed all evening. I’m not mentioning names just in case some are still hiding from the men in white coats.



We’ll keep you posted about future meetings.

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New look Polandian

One of the inevitable results of getting all the Polandian writers together in one place and giving them beer is that they get terribly excited and start inventing Big Ideas For The Future. One of these BIFTF always involves changing the look and structure of the site. We’ve been through more makeovers than Madonna. Behold… the latest! Let me give you a quick guide:

1. Look up there! It’s a flashy, magic sliding image thing that immediately allows you to see what we’ve been blathering on about recently and also reveals our woefully inadequate photography skills (apart from the nuns, the nuns were quite good).

2. Look up there ever further… it’s a new logo! Notice how our graphic design department has cunningly crafted an image that says: ‘youth,’ ‘insight,’ ‘depth,’ and ‘fully justifiable inebriation’ just by inserting a funky capital ‘P’ and and a hilariously lower-case ‘i.’

3. Behold, just below that! A Dionysian bunch of categories including Travel Guides, Survival Guides and Reviews.

4. Look down there! The first few scintillating lines of the past 10 posts sit like juicy worms on the hooks of Google Analytics for your viewing pleasure.

5. Look right down there… no, lower… that’s it! Random nuggets of purest foreigner chat about Poland, a list of pages no less and our side-splitting self-justification.

Please show you appreciation by commenting loudly below or writing to your nearest sovereign parliament.


We’ve moved


Please go to the New Polandian

It’s exactly the same as this one, only better. Somehow.

That’s it.

Nothing else happening here.

Move along.

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