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Polandian is three!

Hooray! We have just passed by another milestone and this is by no means the end!

Long ago, and without a prospect of finding jobs as journalists (except for Island1), we decided it would it be better if our musings a) didn’t just huddle together in our heads and b) were let out of there and the word would be spread!

For four of us Poland is a new home, a place where we encounter peculiarities, absurdities, oddities. One odd writer is Polish and for no apparent reason he thought it would be cool to rub shoulders with pre-eminent bloggers of English, Irish or American descent.

Now we’re at the point of our development where we’ve already familiarised our readers with the most curious things life in Poland entails. However, this country remains an unfailing source of stuff to describe and our writers are unfailing in attempting to do so.

For my part I can say I’ve drawn the most pleasure from contributing to Polandian when my posts received tens of replies and provoked heated discussion between our readers and, occasionally, us.

We don’t avoid politics here, we write about it whenever it really riles us up.

I have no idea what keywords might best describe our collaborative blog. It’s not us who should adjudicate.

At this point I’ve run out of ideas, but somewhere in the Internet I’ve found what characterises a child at the age of three. They:
1. have full set of teeth,
2. use a potty,
3. dress themselves with some help of adults,
4. name colours,
5. ride a three- or four-wheel bicycle,
6. talk in short sentences,
7. are fond of asking ‘why?’,
any many, many more.

We’re planning to send Polandian to a nursery school in September. If you can recommend a good one, have your say!

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