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Polandian is three!

Hooray! We have just passed by another milestone and this is by no means the end!

Long ago, and without a prospect of finding jobs as journalists (except for Island1), we decided it would it be better if our musings a) didn’t just huddle together in our heads and b) were let out of there and the word would be spread!

For four of us Poland is a new home, a place where we encounter peculiarities, absurdities, oddities. One odd writer is Polish and for no apparent reason he thought it would be cool to rub shoulders with pre-eminent bloggers of English, Irish or American descent.

Now we’re at the point of our development where we’ve already familiarised our readers with the most curious things life in Poland entails. However, this country remains an unfailing source of stuff to describe and our writers are unfailing in attempting to do so.

For my part I can say I’ve drawn the most pleasure from contributing to Polandian when my posts received tens of replies and provoked heated discussion between our readers and, occasionally, us.

We don’t avoid politics here, we write about it whenever it really riles us up.

I have no idea what keywords might best describe our collaborative blog. It’s not us who should adjudicate.

At this point I’ve run out of ideas, but somewhere in the Internet I’ve found what characterises a child at the age of three. They:
1. have full set of teeth,
2. use a potty,
3. dress themselves with some help of adults,
4. name colours,
5. ride a three- or four-wheel bicycle,
6. talk in short sentences,
7. are fond of asking ‘why?’,
any many, many more.

We’re planning to send Polandian to a nursery school in September. If you can recommend a good one, have your say!

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Truth #Pi: This Blog Makes Sense

When I started writing here, I had the prevision that national differences described on these blogpages would be major. I would assume Brits and Poles were different much more than La Manche is different from the English Channel. Getting older however, I started to see that the differences would grow smaller, smaller, small, the Pulp Fiction-scale, you know:

– But you know what the funniest thing about Europe is?
– What?
– It’s the little differences. A lotta the same shit we got here, they got there, but there they’re a little different

So there are old tube reels in London, as there are new pipe dreams in Warsaw.

And Polish people are beautiful – and so are Polish people in London.

And Doda pinks in Poland, Missie Fergie-like – and Doda pumps in UK, Massey Ferguson-like.

And in neither of the lands headcovers make the man – or the woman.

And Brits could have a chuckle at Polish Jodie Foster – and Poles could stay English-wise cool.

And Brits could have a laugh at Polish road signs – and so could Poles.

– – – – – –

Then I followed the pernicious temptation to get our search machine sussed out. And I saw that many an odd thing had happened to this blog:

= Czechs got more mentions than the Dutch.
= And the Dutch more than the Beatles.
= Cricket was discussed more vehemently than soccer (aka European football).
= Though croquet has not been mentioned.
= “Cricket” is also the first post to pop up after you type “Polish girls” into our search engine.
= For (singular) “Polish girl”, the top find is “Public drinking – why not?”. (Eh?)

If you were politically-hinged enough to search for, say, “PIS”, you’d be referred to the same “Public drinking – why not?”.

In fact, “Public drinking – why not” is a catholic answer to many queries concerning the ultimate issues, our search engine reckons. Try LONDON. Or LONDONERS. Try LOVE. Or HATE. (No results for INDIFFERENCE though. Good. One may say some of our posts can make you drink (and “why not”?) but at least we are not lukewarm.) [Speaking of Luke. Look for “Star Wars” and get “The Warsaw Ghetto (Part 1)”. Disturbing, a bittle.]

– – – – – –

And what would our poison be?

VODKA is findable but…WÓDKA or WODKA – no results!

Perhaps Poland was converted to GIN? Look for GIN and find “How not to Take a Polish Passport Photo” — or the “Polish Is Hard”.

WHISKY route is to “Polish Artists You Hate You Couldn’t Love”.

TEA, anyone? — The answer: “Polish is Hard”.

MILK? — Not found.

– – – – – –

What about standard Polish associations?

= POPE? — Read “The Sun Hire Polish Journalists”.
= SOLIDARNOSC? — Read “A Guide to Songs About Poland”.
= WALESA? — Zero results.
= CATHOLIC gives a bunch, the first hit about singing, the second about hypocrisy, the third about money, the fourth about flags, the fifth about “why Polish people don’t smile”.

Ask ANSWER TO LIFE — and see: “Poland, Racism, and Immigration”.
Ask 42 — and be directed to “How not to Take a Polish Passport Photo”

Though this be madness, yet there is no method in it. (No method except for the one with getting this very post published to become the new top find for all the aforementioned searches.)

Doda, so high-ranking in our keyword stats, has been discussed less fervently than Polish drivers.
Can you dig it? I cannot. That is why, next post of mine, I’ll follow the mad and write more about Polish drivers.








I can make no sense in private either.

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