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Polish Logo Competition #3 – Coats of Arms

The first two Polandian logo competitions seemed to prove quite popular, but for some people they were too easy. Answers for all ten logos in both competitions were found within a matter hours… However, this time will prove less easy, as we look at the city logos, or coats of arms as they are also known. For those that are not familiar with them, they are the logos which are used to represent cities, normally in official situations. Depending on the location, they can include items of historical significance for the city such as a symbol representing trade, war or learning.

Let’s hope this proves more of a challenge than the previous two logo competitions. Some of the coats of arms might gives a few clues,but not all will be obvious, hopefully.

Logo #1

Logo #2

Logo #3

Logo #4

Logo #5

Logo #6

Logo #7

Logo #8

Logo #9

Logo #10


And the correct answers are:

Logo #1: Bydgoszcz (as answered by siudol)

Logo #2:  Szczecin (as answered by siudol)

Logo #3: Torun (as answered by siudol)

Logo #4: Lublin (as answered by island1)

Logo #5: Kraków (as answered by island1)

Logo #6: Łódź (as answered by island1)

Logo #7: Warsaw (as answered by island1)

Logo#8: Poznań (as answered by siudol)

Logo #9: Wrocław (as answered by island1)

Logo #10: Katowice (as answered by siudol)

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