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[Introduction to] POLISH LIES

Opening a big retailer: POLISH LIES

I didn’t name it “mistaken beliefs of Poland” — too long.
I didn’t use the word “half-truths” — with 2/3 truths or 1/4 truths or zero-truths, it’s too complex.
I didn’t use the word “misconception” — it has more than 3 syllables.
I wanted to use the tag “Polish myths”, but it’s occupied. (Darn!)
[What about “Polish thinking“? Well…Polish Thinking is ‘distorting mirrors’ reflecting ordinary Polish thinking. Polish Lies is ‘ordinary mirrors’ reflecting distorted Polish thinking.]

Now, DISCLAIMER. The reason for POLISH LIES posts will be to give food for thought. Not to give fuel for flamewars. (When you’ll throw down the gauntlet, however, I may, reluctantly, pick it up.) Other members of this blog may not share my understanding of what POLISH LIES are.

And just to show you what to expect, here are some one-liners:

FALSE: Poland receives more from the EU than it pays into it.
TRUE: Within the EU, Poland pays more than it gets in return.

FALSE: Poles buy more cars, commodities, enjoy exotic travels because they have grown rich(er).
TRUE: They do it because they’re poor.

FALSE: It matters that, on average, Poles earn (much) less than Britons or Germans.
TRUE: It matters not.

FALSE: We have to care for democracy, the best system we can have.
TRUE: There is a better ding.

FALSE: There exists a good government.
TRUE: Any government (including PiS I voted for) has just one aim of having power – it is having power [for more]. And you’re ciemny lud if believe otherwise.

FALSE: We have to care for our Ojczyzna (wherever it should be).
TRUE: There are no ojczyznas (as we knew it) any more.

FALSE: We have to care for the planet going warmer, species going extinct, Al Gore going awarded, pick your hobby.
TRUE: There’s no “we”.

FALSE: Giving everyone more money is, by definition, okay. [Example: flat tax suggested recently or less recently.]
TRUE: It is not okay to give everyone more money. (Socio-economically. I don’t want to deal with morality here.)

FALSE: Restitution of property (to Jews, Church(es), pre-war owners) is just (and moral).
TRUE: It’s not just (or moral). Let alone it’s stupid.

FALSE: I saw a free lunch once.
TRUE: There ain’t such thing as a free Wiki entry. So, when you write I’m stupid, I take it as a lesson I had to pay for. And when I write you may be stupid, don’t take it freely.

Next, premiere: POLISH LIE #68
[March 1968 was about expelling poor Jews from Poland.]

Just passing through.

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