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Eat this!

Blundering around the interweb thingy the other day I came across this diverting post on about:blank (always a good place to waste one’s time). The pictures below are from a book entitled Hungry Planet: What the World Eats. The authors visited 30 average families in 24 diverse countries and took photos of the food they ate on a weekly basis. Great idea for a book; especially great idea to get someone to pay you to travel around the world taking pictures.

Nice insights into eating habits and all sorts of accidental background things:

Nice table-full of fresh fruit and veg. I’m assuming the flowers are not to be consumed (a cynical person might suggest that they were added to fill the spread out a bit, but I am not that person). I’m also assuming the dog food is for a non-pictured dog and not to supplement the diet of great-grandma in the next room. I’m surprised there aren’t more bottles of water or cartons of juice; most Poles I know get through both at an alarming rate.


What a hideous bunch! And what a hideous room! An awful lot of packaging there too. Note that, being British, the dog is included as a member of the family (although the cat isn’t). One bottle of wine? Hmmm, I thought they were supposed to be average.


Is it just me or is the food laid out in a far more organized way here than in the others? Far be it from me to imply any kind of national stereotype that might explain this. At least they have the honesty to display their wine and beer.


United States
Holy brightly-colored-packaging Batman! Fresh fruit and veg almost completely absent. Those pizzas are making me hungry.


Contrast the whites and muted colors of the packaging here with the shouty ‘buy-me-now’ colors of the American table above. Note, everybody is sitting on the floor (not surprising) and the TV is on and included almost as a member of the family (the TV is ALWAYS on in a Japanese home).


Ooops… bit of a contrast.


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