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Polandian on Sunday #7


1. Monnari announces bankruptcy

We’ve worked so hard for 11 years, this tsunami came, and now we’re left with nothing. I can’t eat or sleep since last month. – Marek Banasiak, company’s president told the media.


Monnari Trade is a Polish clothing retailer, which has been steadily building a brand for urban women after 30, from the middle and upper classes. Today it operates several labels including: Monnari, Molton, Pabia, Tamaris shoe stores and Monnini (in Russia). A year ago their business seemed stable and they were looking into a future of development and success. However when the crisis came, it quickly turned out their foreign expansion to Russia and Germany was a big mistake. Mistake that drained cash, and did not bring profits the company anticipated. Now the Monnari are being refused credit, and cannot order autumn collections.

2006 was company’s best moment. To celebrate its launch on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Monnari employed world famous models for their fashion show – including Claudia Schiffer.

The only hope is to quicky find an investor – said Mr. Banasiak.


2. Google invades Polish streets

Google, the internet empire, announced that since Wednesday they will have been photographing Polish cities. Obviously this is to include Poland in the controversial StreetView service. It allows users of the map feature to virtually walk around actual places. The service has been criticised in the USA and United Kingdom where it previously launched, for invading privacy. Although faces of photographed people and car number plates are to be pixelated. In several instances internet users were able to see insides of people’s homes. Some have had problems with their relatives who saw them in StreetView in places they shouldn’t be. Or with someone they shouldn’t be with. Will we hear about some exciting stories from Poland?

3. Good times for the Poland’s gay elephant

Not so long ago the media were entertained by Law and Justice politician Michał Grześ’s remarks at Poznań City council meeting. He criticised the local zoo for acquiring a gay elephant:
‘We didn’t pay 37 million zł for the largest elephant house in Europe to have a gay elephant live there’.

But just think, if he’s a gay elehant how nice he’s going to do the interior!


Anyhow, this week the gay elephant, Ninio, was celebrated with a whole festival dedicated to him! Local gay community are the organisers. The line-up includes drag performances, exhibitions, literature readings and discussions. Full line up us available here. Mind you, you still have a chance to participate, festival ends next Sunday.

* * *

Kylie Minogue – The pop goddess will perform with other artists in Gdańsk on 4th of June. The concert is a celebration to the 20th anniversary of first democratic elections in Poland. The round table talks and subsequent elections opened the way for political opposition in Poland and ended the authoritarian communist party rule. This inspired peoples in other countries and soon the whole Warsaw Pact collapsed. Tickets for Kylie performance cost 10 zł (2.30 Euro!!).


Surprise, suprise… Banks! – 80% of Polish banks are owned by foreign companies. This week the worries increased that banks are transferring money from Poland to the countries of their mother-companies. Polish Confederation of Employers, concerned about cuts in crediting businesses, demands information on foreign transfers. Experts call for more financial supervision. Some of them propose to take advantage of the regulations allowing to refuse some rights to bank share owners.

Secret Services – who were unaware for two weeks that their key employee was missing. Stefan Zielonka ciphered messages to agents around the world, and knows the most secret secrets of our country. He went out on the second day of Easter and hasn’t returned by this day. No one knows what happened to him.
Warsaw traffic management – Scored some points by borrowing/buying a temporary bridge from the UK to re-open the “flyover” running from Mickiewicza into Andersa. Then immediately lost three times as many points by closing Plac Bankowy for 6 weeks from May 11th. Still, it should all be finished by the time everyone evacuates the city to go on holiday!! Grrr.
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Internet searching

Prompted by the expertise of some of our guests in being able to find anything at the drop of a hat I wondered if a slightly off-topic technical post might be of some use?

I remember the days (94/95) when the choice of search engine was between Alta Vista & Lycos. Excite was also around back then but I never used it. Others came along later, such as HotBot, WebCrawler, Ask Jeeves and of course the now almost universal, Google.

I have no idea how these things work but I’m assuming that the more an engine is used, the smarter it gets. That’s why I use only Google nowadays for general searches. The Firefox drop-down search box is an essential tool and that gets used for Google and all other searches including things like – Wikipedia, Amazon, You Tube, Dictionary, IMDb and so on. For more complex matters I have an Athens log-in and can access the full OED as well as other lengthier tomes like biographies and encyclopedias.

There are still today more search engines available than just Google, it has not yet wiped out or bought out all the competitors and I wondered if anyone still uses any other search engines and if so which ones and what are they particularly good at?

I also wondered about the ways you can refine your searches in Google. All those plus and minus signs and using speech marks and stuff. I use these very rarely but perhaps I should use them more? Do they actually help?

Is there a whole other world of blog searching?

Too many unanswered questions. Why not use this post as an opportunity to spill the beans, tell us old dinosaurs (me anyway) how to get more from our searching!

Comments covering both English and Polish searching would be welcome.

PS – Here’s a history of search engines

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