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Polandian is moving

Big plans are afoot here at Polandian headquarters. After a year living happily in the safe and cosy world of WordPress.com we feel the need to stretch our wings, move on to pastures new, and deploy other cliched idioms.

In the next week Polandian will be moving to its own domain hosted by some people who presumably know what the hell they are doing. Rumors of the shake-up have already swept Poland and fear and panic has hit major urban areas across the nation.


Poznan in flames as news of the Polandian move leaks out

We decided to conduct a quick question-and-answer session with ourselves in an attempt to restore calm.

Us: Moving? What does that mean? Where the hell are you going? We are internet noobs with zero mad skilz and don’t understand.

Polandian: It means you have to look at Polandian.pl, not polandian.wordpress.com, if you want to see the latest in haphazard ranting and top foreigner humor about Poland.

Us: Well that doesn’t sound so bad, I feel calmer already. Why are you doing that anyway?

Polandian: Well, we feel that after a year in the safe but restrictive environment of WordPress.com we are ready to take on the responsibility of bringing quality, timely information to our readers for ourselves.

That sounds suspiciously like marketing nonsense to us, is there money involved?

Polandian: Errrm…

There is! We knew it! You’ve sold out haven’t you, you slimy capitalist bastards.

Polandian: Not exactly. Various shady characters with suitcases full of money have approached us in recent months, but we’ve turned them all down.

Suitcases full of money? We never heard about this. We have Hummers to buy and loose women to pay off, why weren’t we told?

Polandian: Okay, this schizophrenic jive is starting to freak me out, can’t we just have a simple statement of intent and get on with it?

Well, okay…

Very shortly we will be moving to Polandian.pl. We’ll let you know exactly when it happens. You might want to mooch over there now and observe the chaos; leave comments, generally mess around etc. Very little will change except that in the next few months you will start to see ads on the right-hand side of the page. The point of these ads is to pay our server costs and give us a bit of extra pocket money. We will not be writing paid posts.


Not all of my commercial ideas have been successful

Huge thanks to everyone who has read us, commented on us, and linked to us in the past year – hope you’ll all come with us to our new home.

My god, that last bit was nauseating…

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