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Is it a bird? Is it a fish? Co to jest?

Here’s a quick quiz for all Polandian readers. Living in the suburbs of Kraków, you can’t go too far without seeing one of the ‘Wielka Płyta’ (literal translation: great plate) housing blocks. Some people find them quite depressing, so efforts have been made to jazz them up with a bit of colour or other adornments, in order to try and divert the eye from the 10 solid stories of grey block.

In one block near where I live, they have used an interesting twist on this approach by adding a 1.5 metre high image of an animal near each entrance point along the block. Presumably, the principle is to try to get the name of the animal associated with each of the blocks to foster a higher sense of belonging. To me, they just look weird.

The aim of the game thus, is to try to guess which animal is represented in each image. Please note, there are no wrong answers, as I also don’t really know what each animal is – so your guess is as good as mine. My guesses follow the images.

Image #1 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “Looks like a woodpecker”

Image #2 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “Polish Piranha”

Image #3 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “A smiling dog”

Image #4 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “The Faceless Panther”

Image #5 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “I’m seeing double! 4 disappointed dingos”

Image #6 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “The oft-spotted housecat”

Image #7 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “The lesser spotted flying shark (Now with extra wings!)”

Image #8 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “A Polish turkey. Still alive thanks to all the carp!”

Image #9 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “A humpless camel, presumably from the Błędów desert

Image #10 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “A bottle opener”

Image #11 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “Hmmm… Wings, 3 legs and a bird head. It’s probably a platypus”

Image #12 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “The wide eyes suggest drug-addicted duck”

Image #13 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “Two smiling faces connected by a random blob… I have no idea…”

Image #14 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “A horse looking into a mirror”

Image #15 ˅˅˅˅˅˅:

Decoy says: “The structural damage means the turtle is done for”

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