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Modlin Airport & Ryanair

Modlin (low cost) Warsaw airport

We are back from a few days in the UK visiting my family and can report on two travel “firsts” for the Scattergood household; Modlin Airport and Ryanair.

The combination of these two is a dream come true for us as it opens up again the route Warsaw-East Midlands, which used to be operated by BMIbaby many years ago from Okęcie Etiuda but was stopped when the Etiuda cattle shed was closed and they had to pay more to use Terminal 1. It’s a perfect route for us now as Modlin is a very comfortable 30 minutes drive from home and East Midlands is the same from my parent’s home. Long may it continue!

Modlin worked fine. We decided not to risk the “come park in my field” cowboys and chose to leave the car in the P1 car park on the airport grounds right next to the departure/arrivals hall. For six days this cost 125 zlots, very reasonable IMO. The flow through the airport both going out and coming back worked well with the following exceptions:

  • Coffee shop on way out – not enough staff, too slow service = long queue.
  • Passport control in both directions – by far the longest wait of all. Inexcusable really because they clearly had enough ‘agents’ around but they just couldn’t be bothered to move their arses until the queue got to ridiculous proportions!
  • Standing outside waiting to board and also walking from plane to passport control on way back. This is a silly idea and needs to stop. It’s not a huge distance but it was bloody cold and windy. After being cuddled up warm in a plane or waiting lounge, people are going to get sick. No way this is feasible in proper winter weather.

Overall experience of Modlin was better than expected and would not hesitate using it again.


Ryanair has come in for a great deal of stick for many reasons, I think the main one being the way they want to charge for everything. Well, you only had to watch the vast majority of passengers struggling to hammer their ‘hang luggage’ into Ryanair’s baggage measurer to see who’s doing all the complaining and why, perhaps, Ryanair think they are wrong. I have to say, based on this one return flight, I’m on Ryanair’s side. The flight was every bit as good as Wizz Air, EasyJet or any other budget airline we’ve flown with. Yes, they do charge for lots of stuff but no more than anyone else and they don’t force you to use it. We paid for two bags in the hold of the plane and carried very small hand luggage, I think we were probably the only ones who did, and the total cost for three of us return to East Midlands was around 900 zlots. That’s a good price. The planes were clean, the seats were comfortable with enough room and the flights were without incident and on time. Both flights were very busy, I’d estimate 95% capacity on way out and 85% on the way back. They operate this route on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Hopefully it will continue to be popular and they will add more days.

Overall experience of Ryanair was also better than expected and would not hesitate using them again.

I’m sure something will come along to spoil this idyllic trip from Poland door to UK door but for now we are happy to have this available to us.

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