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When is Poland going to grow up!?

This ongoing farce regarding attendance of the upcoming EU summit meeting does nothing except make Poland look like a fool of a country in everyone else’s eyes. Whatever the disputes may be between Tusk and Kaczynski they should be settled here in Poland and not allowed to interfere with official business outside the country. It is embarrassing for Poland, for every Pole and for everyone attending the summit who will no doubt be avoiding the Polish delegation (unmissable as it will be 5 times the size of any other!) like the plague. The Poles will be about as welcome at the summit as Britney Spears having a bad hair day.

It undermines the international status of the prime minister, president and country. How is anyone supposed to take this country seriously when it behaves like this? Nobody outside Poland and most people in POland, don’t give a toss what the constitution says about who should be dealing with what. SEND THE SAME PEOPLE TO THE SUMMIT AS ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES. END OF STATEMENT. The articles linked to cover most of the detail but I was watching TVN24 this evening and now there’s even a row about whether there will be a plane available to take Kaczynski to Brussels or not!

If you want my opinion, this is all about a feud between Kaczynski and Sarkozy. I’d be willing to bet that Sarkozy gave Kaczynski a healthy dose of snotty French abuse (no doubt including something like “And my wife’s way better looking than yours, little fat man!”) when Kaczynski refused to sign that, whatever it was paper, a few months back. Kaczynski is just itching to get back in the ring and a summit that might even possibly touch on the Georgia issue is a great place to start. Can anyone tell me the root of Kaczynski’s hard-on about the Georgian situation? Is this just him trying to pee-off the Russians?

So to sum up my fifteen minute expert review of international politics – Kaczynski is looking for a fight with the French, the Russians and his own prime minister and has decided to go to Brussels just so everyone can see what a nasty little man he really is and how much Poland likes messing its own underpants and then dragging them around for everyone to have good sniff. Or did I miss something?

To make matters even worse for Poland. Was I the only one watching the footage of Tusk arriving in Brussels and thinking “This guy just doesn’t look the part!”. I don’t need all the excuses about how poor Poland is and how it’s only been five minutes since the commies left and all that blah blah but with the possible exception of Kwasniewski, not a single Polish politician has ever looked “comfortable” when mixing it with the ‘big dicks’ in the rest of the world. They just look clumsy, nervous, embarrassed…….like they have stumbled into a party of important people. Surely there’s enough money in the kitty to pay for a few lessons in “How to look like you’re important and in charge of a big EU country”?

At least Poland can sit at the table and boast about how many banks it DOESN’T own! Thank God for small mercies.

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