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Polish car insurance

My wife recently had a car accident. Thankfully not serious, nobody hurt and not her fault. A rather miserable excuse for a human being driving a large MAN truck loaded with pallets decided to swing out and dent the front of her Corolla. Damage to the truck zero, damage to Corolla = 7,800 PLN (wing, light, bumper, etc).

In fact the main damage in this accident is to my wife’s sanity. Firstly because her brand new Cash-Cow (I think it’s actually spelt Qashqai) arrived at the Nissan dealer precisely ONE DAY after this accident. As the five year old Corolla is being traded in as part payment for the new car she now has to wait until we get the Corolla back until she can start playing with her new car. Not funny! Even less funny is the amount of work she’s having to do to deal with the administration after the crash. The end result of all this rigmarole is that she’ll be lucky to be driving her new car a month after the thing arrived.

What I’m finding very hard to get my head around is why her insurance company are not making her life just as easy as peasy can be?!


It has been a very long time since I had an accident of any kind and whenever it was it was in the UK for sure. My recollection is that if you’ve stumped up the extra wonga for “fully comprehensive” cover then you tell your insurance company what happened, pass on a few details, fill out a form and then sit back and enjoy yourself. They will deal with the other driver, the other insurance company, the repair shop, everything.

Not so in Poland, apparently. Here my wife has to do everything herself, and I mean everything. Fair enough, if my ligua Polska were infinitely better I could do some of it for her but whatever, someone in our family has to do all the work while Hestia, it seems, do absolutely bugger all. This is one of those weird occasions where you do nothing wrong yourself and yet end up getting the rough end of the stick.

When the accident happened my wife had to first of all argue with the truck driver, a 16 tonne gorilla without two brain cells to rub together who was all set for blaming her, presumably for just being in his way. Thankfully a few bystanders (Polish Olympic Gold Medal bystanders no less!) came to her aid and made it clear who was to blame. The gorilla was not for signing a statement though, so as seems to be the norm here, the police were called to adjudicate. A long time later they arrived and took 3 nanoseconds to give the gorilla 6 points and a few hundred zeds fine. Everyone left the scene of the crime.

The gorilla’s insurance company, or that of the firm he works for, is PZU. My wife had to call PZU to ask where she should take the car and was given the address of the nearest Toyota repair shop to our home. She drove the car there and spent another few hours filling out forms. The repair guy said he’d be in touch regarding cost and timing, which he duly was a couple of days later. He explained though, that even when the repair is done my wife can’t have her car back until PZU, the guilty party’s insurance company, have paid them. This could take a long time, he said. Of course, if we’d like to we could pay the 7,800 zeds and then wait ourselves to be paid back by PZU! What planet are these people on?

In the meantime she has been given a Yaris to drive around in at a cost of 60 zeds a day plus tax. It is still not clear who will be paying the cost of the Yaris. One PZU person said they will pay, another did that sucking-in sound and asked if she used her car for work. She does use her car for work but not officially because the psycho hospital she works for is so short of cash they can’t afford to pay her for it so effectively we sponsor the National Health Service to the tune of a lot of petrol and wear & tear every month. We can afford to do it but many employees can’t. They visit their patients on “home visits” using buses and trams. Quite ridiculous but not the point of this story.

The process of having PZU transfer the money to the repair shop involves PZU getting a report from the police. The police have 30 days in which to send out the report. Given the circumstances, new car waiting to be picked up, she attempted to speed this up by visiting the two ladies who deal with thousands of accident reports every week. I sent an SMS on the day asking how it went, she replied “f**k them!”, which I think means it didn’t go well.

So, we now have a situation where the new car is waiting patiently to be collected. The Corolla will be fixed next week but cannot be released until they are paid. Payment depends on PZU who have recently appointed a “case officer”. The case officer is waiting for some papers from the police, who are not in a hurry. We really have no idea when she might be able to drive her new car or how much we might end up paying for the Yaris. Fair to say, a VERY unsatisfactory state of affairs.

  • Why do we pay Hestia for fully comprehensive and then in a case like this they do absolutely bugger all?
  • Why do the police have to get involved in settling petty RTA incidents?
  • Why can’t Toyota release the car knowing they will be paid by one or other insurance companies?
  • Why can’t both insurance companies and the repair shop communicated with each other and make the customer’s life easier?
  • Why does the innocent party, my wife, have to deal with all this shit? I mean really, what kind of screwed up system is this?
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