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Oh shit!

Here we go again, another coalition slips quietly into the nuthouse. Or does it?

Politicians of the Polish Peasants’ Party (PSL), the coalition partner of the ruling Civic Platform (PO), announced that it is time for them to leave the shadows and become more visible in the media.

According to this article, there are complaints about bills being prepared without consultation, about being left to do the dirty work while Tusk is off having fun somewhere. And why not? They are part of the ruling coalition after all so why should they stay in the kitchen washing the dishes while Tusk & Co ponce around getting all the good jobs!

I’ll admit I don’t know these peasants at all, so perhaps this is a good thing. Then again, with a name like that………. I’d be happier if they were called the Polish Middle Class Party. But of course, there is no middle class, so that would be stupid.

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