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The Polish Vacation

It’s started. As we slide from June into July Poland shuts down, mentally if not physically. You can phone people, you can send emails, you can knock on peoples’ doors but ain’t nothing gonna happen until September. It’s a Weird Phenomenon worthy of the pages of Weird Phenomena Monthly. Everybody is physically still here, they still go to work, the shops are still open but somehow the Poles have embarked on their annual three-month mental holiday. Go up to people on the street and wave your hands in their faces, all you’ll get is a vague ‘huh…?’ in response. I don’t know where the Polish mind goes between June and September but it must be damn good. I imagine a collectively unconscious holiday in some paradise dripping with strawberries, wild mushrooms, and big hunks of venison.

Frankly I find it a little eerie. In rain-sodden Britain we nip off to the Med for two weeks in August and that’s the end of it, a couple of days of clinical sunburn and we’re back to work and soap operas and down the pub on a Friday night. Somehow it’s not the same here. Around about the 20th of June a powerful radio signal is sent out from the top of the Palace of Culture and Naughtiness in Warsaw commanding all Poles to switch to ‘wakacje’ mode. From this point on any suggestion that includes references to productive activity will be met with blank stares.

Frankly I think it’s a bloody good idea…

beeep… beeep… beeep…

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