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The Dunes of Łeba

Unfortunately. no – there will not be a Polish remake of the Dukes of Hazzard, but the title refers to sands near the beaches on the Polish Baltic seaside. The town of Łeba is one of the most northerly in Poland, with nothing beyond but water until you reach Sweden. It lies at the edge of Słowinski National Park, of which the sand dunes are a part of. There are also lakes (namely Lake Gardno, Lake Sarbsko and Lake Łebsko).

Lake Łebsko

Because they are within the National Park, the dunes are not accessible by car, or otherwise motorized vehicles. Thus, there are a few options by which to travel the 5.5 kilometres between the entrance and the dunes themselves – either by foot or by renting a bicycle or by paying to take an electronic mini-train powered by a form of golf cart. The walk takes about 1 hour and on a fine day is a fine way to go, with most of the walk through forested areas, with the sea nearby, so the sound of waves crashing is a nice natural setting. It’s a popular location, with many people making the journey using one of the three methods available.

Forest in Słowinski National Park

The dunes are impressive, with them over 40 metres in height. Considering that they are right beside the sea, it is a big jump up on sands. Due to the winds, the dunes can move up to 10 metres in direction over the timeframe of a year. It’s noticeable also that only part of the dunes are accessible. There are signs posted indicating that there are sand vipers to be aware of so it’s not advisable to wander far beyond the rope barriers erected.

Just 800 metres from the dunes are the sea and the beach. Both feel more natural and wilder than other beaches in the locality, partially because there is no town in the near vicinity, and when it takes 5.5 kilometres to get there, whether by bike, foot or mini-train, then it takes some effort to get there. However, it is well worth it for the wild wind-swept feel and natural beauty.

Enough of the words, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

View from dunes to Lake Łebsko

Boat on Lake Łebsko

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