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87% of Poles are against gay adoption

And 75% of Poles are against same sex marriage.

With high figures showing the negative attitude of Poles towards legal homosexual unions, Tomasz Szypuła from the Campaign against Homophobia muses that they are the result of the fear of Poles towards different values and ideas. “Many Poles do not even have any gay or lesbian acquaintances, so their opinion on homosexuals is based on what they see in the media,” Mr. Szypuła sighs.

Three questions to get us warmed up.

  • How many Polandian readers have gay or lesbian friends? (I do, so that’s one.)
  • How many agree with gay adoption and gay marriage?
  • Is there any ‘media’ about gays in Poland??? (other than Tinky Winky of course)


Actually, I have a question of my own to our resident gay experts – why is it neccessary to say “gay & lesbian”? I though gay covered both sexes? Seems to be defeating the object somewhat for gays, or is it just reporters, to get all sexist and hung up on the terminology?

Anyway, onto our next question:

One of the reasons that the results are so negative towards same-sex unions is explained by social psychologist Dr. Norbert Maliszewski from Warsaw University, who believes that the increasing amount of gay-rights marches held in Polish cities has had a reverse effect on Polish society, as reflected by the poll.

Do you think gay-rights marches hinder the gay agenda, or do you think Norbs is full of it?

And our final question is:

In response to the figures, Professor Zdzisław Krasnodębski from Bremen University says “it shows that Poland still has a society drawn on traditional values, and is not succumbing to Europe-wide trends.”

Zdzisław in Bremen thinks Poles are still clinging onto traditional values and are reluctant to embrace Europe-wide trends (like accepting gay marriage and adoption one assumes). Do you agree with this as a general statement or are traditional values only held for certain things? For example, many seem to have embraced the European trend of migrating to find better work. Many have found the trend of credit cards and cars better than Maulchs to be something they can embrace. Loads have embraced going abroad for holidays, McDonalds, American TV serials, paying less than a zillion PLN for car insurance, private healthcare, branded clothing, internet banking, internet eveything, films by the people who made Shrek………….Where is the line between embrace and reject?

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