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Polandian quiz #2

First of all, thanks for the responses to the Polandian Polish poll of polls below. So far we’ve had 60 responses of which only 5 people think it’s a bad idea. By any democratic standards that means we ignore the 5 and slip in the odd poll when we fell it might enhance the customer’s experience! Oh yes! I finally found how to see what the “other” comments were and let’s just say they included “Kaczynski is a nude sex god” and leave it at that.

Secondly, following on from the runaway success of the first Polandian meeting a second was arranged thanks to some friendly chat mixed in with comments about water quality. It took place last night in a secret venue somewhere near Warsaw. I could tell you where, but then I’d have to kill you all. Attending were, in no particular order; Chris, Robert, Adam and myself. Here they all are, I’m behind the lens but represented in the photo by a pack of Davidoff lights!

A good time was had by all and a nicer bunch of people you couldn’t wish to meet. We will almost certainly repeat the event, hopefully with a few more attendees. If you’re interested in attending the next meeting let us know? All nationalities, colours, languages, shapes and sizes welcome.

Which all leads me to Polandian quiz #2. (We have to do something while our ace reporter is busy building his mobile JPII statue!) If you haven’t twigged by now – if you don’t want to be in a Polandian quiz then don’t let me take your photo! :-)

Seriously though, this time I have asked if anyone objects to their picture being on the blog although the quiz idea has just flushed over me so that aspect might come as something of a surprise. I will warn you that all the people in the photo comment regularly on Polandian and will for sure be sending the boys around to see anyone getting “overly personal” and lacking a sense of humour. Let’s face it, it has taken me quite a while to calm Monika down after the last quiz and I’m not going through that again! (Have a go at this one Mon!)

Und zooooo, meine freunde. Looking at the picture above we have three people – one is British but with Polish roots, one is American and the other is British. The question is – which is which? Vote away and please feel free to elucidate your vote in the comments section.

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