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PoS #8

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PoS is back to Polandian! Yes, the holidays were hard this year! Now in September armed with tan and hotel towels we can get back to business. In this episode we sum up what was hot and not this summer.



Catholic Sexual Harassment – In June Benedict XVI had sent congratulatory message to the former Archbishop of Poznan Juliusz Paetz on 50 years of Church service. Mr Paetz became famous 7 years ago following allegations that he had been molesting young clerics and priests. He was forced to go on retirement. The case was silenced, allegations never went to court, no one has ever apologised to the victims. We can only congratulate the pope on the choice of whom he sees fit to be congratulated.

The news – which are safer then sex and just as enjoyable. At least according to the Poles. In a June  survery Rzeczpospolita daily asked what kind of television programme would the respondents have to come across in order to stop zapping channels. 43% named news shows. Which were followed by sports and animal programmes. Erotic scenes were at the bottom of the list, together with weather, at 13%.


Taking shower butt-naked – In July newspapers reported that a swimming pool in Bielsko-Biała appeals to its customers to “have culture and shower in underwear”. Naked bodies are reportedly offensive to the God-fearing folk of this town. People are especially concerned for children, who have to view people with bare bums and genitalia on full display – when changing clothes or showering. We suggest burkas.

The Ombusdman Janusz Kochanowski  – who was quoted by the press in July when he spoke on being upset wirh the Warsaw Madonna concert “If she is properly dressed, and there are no provocations or religious elements I will send her a basket of flowers”. How very freedom of expression of him.

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Polandian Supplement will publish regularly every now and then. PoS used to mean “Polandian on Sunday”. As we are no longer taking the Sunday slot, PoS now means Polandian Supplement. Yes, we know it’s clever.


Polandian on Sunday #6


Welcome to Polandian on Sunday (with a slight delay due to author’s weekend break in Sopot). Here is a brief summary of what happened this week in Poland.

1. Warsaw’s future architecture

When you’re having a walk down the Warsaw’s Powiśle neighborhood why not pop into the Warsaw University Library. Since this week it is hosting an exhibition Plans for the future presenting what is going to be built in Warsaw. Organisers collected visualisations and models for various building and new developments. A sneak peek into what is coming.

Most praised


This apartment house, planned to be built in Traugutta street, respects the architecture of its area, being modern and light at the same time.


The new wing of the ASP Beaux-Arts Academy at the Vistula bank. Those huge windows will give sculpture and film set students some great views.


This Muslim Cultural Institute with minaret-like tower will be an original addition to Ochota district. There is something for the mind (lecture hall) and for the spirit (prayer room).


In times when walled districts become the fashion – this open complex at the former Norblin factory is like a breathe of fresh air. There is place for appartments, shops, offices and various facilities – like theater. Pedestrianised streets and markets make this a human-friendly development.

Most criticised


IPN – The Historical Institute is going to construct a new digitising centre in the Służewiec district. Architects complain that the design is similar to communist offices and follows boring patterns.


This boxy kindergarten is to be constructed in the intensively developing Wilanów district. It is being criticised as too tiny for the huge developments nearby and for its container-like form.


The offices of WOSiR – administrator of Warsaw’s sports and recreation facilities, near the Polonia stadium, doesn’t fit its neighbourhood with its disturbing, irregular shape.

2. Poland lifts (some) restrictions on foreigner real estate ownership

When Poland joined the European Union five years ago many people feared foreigners will come and buy out farms and houses. For this reasons some temporary restrictions were enforced.

EU citizens had to apply for a special permission, each time they wanted to buy land, house or apartment. Since May the 1st 2009 EU nationals from other countries are allowed to purchase houses and apartments on free market. However some restrictions still apply to land – especially farms and forests.

3. Long live comrade president!

This Saturday Poland saw an unusual happening. Janusz Palikot, an eccentric millionaire MP from the ruling Civic Platform party organised an open reading of president’s LLD thesis in the Museum of Social-Realism in Kozłówka. President Lech Kaczyński and his twin brother’s Law and Justice party are famous for their uncompromising policy towards Poland’s communist past. Some people however point to the fact that their politicians demand people manifested courage in communist time – while they, the Law and Justice party officials, had been conformist themselves. Mr Palikot’s happening was to prove just that.

President Lech Kaczyński, law professor, hasn’t exactly boasted about his LLD thesis. It was revealed that this work is written from a communist party point of view, in the style of communist newspeak. Lech Kaczyński was not a communism-refusenik, who would consider a decrease in standard of living for his ideals.


Mr Palikot in white.



What’s hot what’s not this week in Poland


Safer sex – Yes. Despite the Catholics shouldn’t use that devilish invention! Poles have stopped reproducing. Statistical office predicts the number of inhabitants in Poland will decline rapidly. It is said in 2060 for every three people in working age, there will be two people in retirement.
Poland has changed, more people are now into having comfortable lives and only as many children as they could afford to educate. The government is not doing anything effective to help people balance family and work, nor to assure an equal, good start for all children. Without proper social policies or immigrants we are destined to shrink as a nation. But there is a good news: it will be easier to find a parking spot.


Conflicts between the president and prime minister – Which seriously start to work on everyone’s nerves. Can we get anything done please for a change? In Kenya they’ve come up with an original way to end rows between their president and prime minister. Their wives said there will be no sex, until they start to get along with each other.
We’ve tested everything in Poland, maybe it’s time for unusual methods already?

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