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Protestors block relocation of presidential palace

Plans to relocate Warsaw’s presidential palace to a “more suitable” location have been scuppered by street violence. Clashes between riot priests and angry protestors prevented officials from moving the building late last night in scenes that have been described as: “a fairly typical Wednesday evening.”

The palace on Krakowskie Przedmieście was chosen as a temporary location for the office of the Polish President in 1994 during a period of national upheaval. “We never expected presidents to still be here almost 20 years later,” said Father Hubert Hamar. “There are 16 major churches on this street and just one presidential palace; I think it’s clear which one has to go.”

Opponents of the relocation disagree: “Elected presidents are an integral and ancient part of this nation’s culture,” said a masked protestor on the scene, lying slightly. “The church shouldn’t be afraid of a little old-fashioned democracy.” As dusk descended on the second day, protesters began to chant: “We are prepared to slightly inconvenience ourselves on the weekends for justice!”

The not very long-running protests over the fate of the presidential palace have deeply divided the nation. Many Poles are now saying that democratic rule was given unhealthy and unfair advantages in the famous 1993 concordat with the nation’s mohair-wearing grandmothers. Elected representatives are allowed to speak directly to voters and influence them through daily news and current-affairs programs.

The final destination of the presidential palace has not been revealed for security reasons but there is speculation that the building may be placed next to the national parliament, on a small flood-prone island in the Vistula or in Brussels.

President Komorowski was unavailable for comment because he was playing with his train set.

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