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Dirty Sexy Britain?

The well-known Polish journalist Konrad Niklewicz (of Gazeta Wyborcza) claims that Britain is ruled by SEX. One must admit, that such a statement goes against the popular perception of Great Britain.

“Sex, sex, more sex, a bit of sex at break time, and then more bang-bang” – this is the style of life of the younger British generation according to Mr Niklewicz. And where is the perversion proper? In Lambeth.

Could this be true? Could we have lived all this time without noticing this perverse and sex-obsessed nation as it is?

Mr Niklewicz’s conclusions are based on two observations:
1) the statistics for the number of teenage pregnancies. In Britain the figure is as high as 42 per 1000. And 75 for infamous Lambeth. (No mention of how it compares to other countries though).
2) “stories of unthinkable depravity”: a 14-year-old discovered as a prostitute, or a 15-year-old-girl pregnant with a child whose father is 13.

This example shows what concerns me about Polish journalism. Here the reporter draws his own sensationalist conclusions that may or may not be true. The data says only what it says: there are a larger number of teenage pregnancies than before. And that there are some extreme cases (like anywhere).
There are no opinion polls cited, or any other source, that would research the values and lifestyles of British youth, and their attitudes to sex. So why such conclusions?

Unfortunately such journalistic standards are not rare these days, even in the broadsheets.

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