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Smolensk – cloudy with a chance of severe turbulence

Here we go!

Head of the newly-formed Law and Justice Smolensk committee, Antoni Macierewicz has described the catastrophe, in which President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others died, as a “crime”.

In the first public gathering of the committee since its founding earlier in July, Macierewicz said that the political responsibility in light of documents gathered on the Smolensk catastrophe “is clear.”. “I will return to the matter later,” Macierewicz retorted when asked by journalists on what he meant by “crime,” adding, however, that “I have no doubts, that what we have here is is a situation which is so dreadful […] that every word which inflates the drama is justified.”

I had a feeling we had not heard the last of this “by a long chalk” and it appears to be the case. I’ve been waiting patiently for the findings of the investigations into the crash, as I’m sure we all have. We’ve been given interesting snippets about there being people other than the pilots in the cab at the time of the crash but are a very long way short of being given any kind of the comprehensive explanation that I think we all deserve.

I’ve not read up on this latest twist yet but it looks like we have in the blue corner, those saying “I told you so” that the pilots were ordered to land in impossible conditions and in the red corner those claiming to have discovered “a crime” allied with vague threats of “political responsibility”.

I’m actually torn between wanting to get to the bottom of this and just letting the whole sorry tale die a natural death.

Can anyone with a deeper knowledge of the players here advise what games are now being played and why?

The story I got the quote from is here.

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