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Done in 60 Seconds

There may be some criticism coming over the construction efforts of the stadia and infrastructure in preparation for the Euro 2012 football championships next summer, with disputes ranging from the likelihood of stadia to be ready in Ukraine to workers preparing new motorways not being paid. However, a positive for the Polish preparations at least seems to be the stadium renovations and building. The most recent completion of the tournament stadia (following those in Poznań and Warsaw) has been completion of the new stadium in Gdańsk, Arena Bałtycka (which will be known as the PGE Arena Gdańsk following the tournament next summer).

The original artists impression looked quite nice, and supposedly is based on designs on a few German football stadia in Gelsenkirchen and Hannover particularly. And until early 2009, the site in Gdańsk was little more than a hole in the ground. However, within the next two years a stadium of 44,000 would arise from nothing.

In the following Youtube link, you can see how this hole in the ground progressed to a fully grown stadium over the space of two years. Over the 60 second video, you get to see a camera view, taken almost at the same time each day as the cranes move in with other supporting machinery. As the days, months and seasons whizz by, it’s interesting to see that it takes a little while for the actual construction to begin (approximately 4 months – 10 seconds on the video playtime), but from there the construction zips along. One year later in mid 2010, the majority of the stadium structure is there with the roof being applied. However, from there, things slow a little – presumably as more interal works proceeds which is not always viewable on the video. The finishing touches of the outer golden layer applied in April 2011 make the curves and shapes shine.

Arena Bałtycka construction in 60 seconds

The final pictures from July 15th (just over a week ago), show the stadium standing in strong sunlight, and show it off to its best.

For anyone interested in such ‘super-structures’, this video can be an interesting insight to the process, although of course there are much parts of the process which are mundane and boring. However, when it results in such a final building, it should be seen as being worth it.

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