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BBC's shocking incompetence

I was surfing the internet to see how various media cover the story of the 70th anniversary of the breakout of the Second World War remembrance service, that Polandian metioned in previous post.

Naturally I went to the BBC. I wasn’t pleased what they wrote, in this article as I felt it didn’t explain anything to an average Western person, nor does it clarify what is a fact and what isn’t.

What struck me, was the map at the bottom of the page. This map: (now apparently erased by the BBC)




According to the BBC it shows the German attack on Poland. Only Poland never existed in this shape at this time in history. Just to remind BBC journalists how it looked like:




Find differences. And I don’t mean that BBC put Gdańsk where Elbląg is, I mean that they cut the whole Eastern part of Poland from their map, and signed it Soviet Union.

It shows coplete lack of basic knowledge on the part of BBC staff. Germany attacked Poland in the 1st September 1939. At this time Poland’s Eastern boarders were unchanged. Only on the 17th of September 1939 followed the attack of the Soviet Union. Showing this map like this is illogical and makes completely no sense.

Unless you are in favour of the USSR, and regard 1939 Eastern Poland as their territory. And you want to omit mentioning 17th September Soviet invasion. But I would doubt BBC supported Stalinist Soviet Union:)

It is a mistake, although I think that this is not just a mistake. It is a proof of ignorance. If they didn’t know THAT what else don’t they know? If they don’t udnerstand what USSR did, where it was on tha map, when it attacked whom how can they inform accurately on its role in the war? How can they understand Kaczynskis words? If they don’t understand that part in history, they can’t interpret it properly.

While many people around the world treat BBC as the most trusted source.

* * *

I managed to make some screenshots – click for larger image


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