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Is it a mole, is it a rat…..?

The circus that is Polish politics has been interesting itself this week in whether they seek a mole, a rat or both.

The Peasant’s Party (PSL) have been talking about finding a mole, although I confess I don’t know why!


More amusingly, Law and Justice (PiS) politicians are continuing their hunt for the rat who caused outrage when the press quoted the anonymous source saying “It is difficult for the party to find women who look good and have something smart to say.”. Once the traitor is found he/she will be dismissed from the party. My vote is that they are then immediately appointed as the presidential press secretary. Talent like this should not go to waste!

Here’s hoping the rat and the mole were included in our “Hot politicians” contest so we can have the pleasure of ceremonially removing them from the competition or awarding them the “Polandian 2009 award for plain speaking”!

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