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Bye bye Tuscany

That’s it, we are now back in Warsaw. Welcomed by colder temperatures, rain and the city’s main road artery being closed for an indefinite period thanks to flooding caused by works to the new metro line tunnel. That’s in addition to all the other roads that were already closed for the works! Getting around Warsaw at the moment is a bit of patchwork quilt.

We enjoyed the holiday. I’ve done my “TripAdvisor” duty and also sent a mail to our hosts with thanks and a few tips. Not something I would always bother doing but they are very nice people.

As it stands today, my feeling is that we’ve done Tuscany almost to death and that next year a complete change would be welcome. I’m thinking a National Trust cottage in Cornwall. Unpredictable weather but so many other good things. Then again, as the time to book gets nearer all that might change and it will be hello Tuscany for the 4th time!

No, if Cornwall does not make it past the familyometer then perhaps driving to France is the right thing to do. We’ve wanted to do that for ages but I need help on where we should be based, any ideas? We don’t want the Cote D’Azur, too poncy and expensive but somewhere with good weather, great countryside and plenty of things to see and do that’s within day trip range of the coast would be good. There’s a lobby for windsurfing, so perhaps somewhere by a French lake might work.

Anyway, we’ll worry about that later. For now we shall enjoy the 25 bottles of Italian wine we brought back – good stuff that cost between €2 and €12 a bottle in the supermarket – let our tans fade in the rain and turn our attention to whatever has been going on at work while we’ve been away.

Below are some of the animals we encountered on the farm. Other pictures may appear in my gallery but to be honest this was not a photographic holiday by any means so don’t expect much. I have less than 50 pics and perhaps 4 short videos in total.