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Polish men are prudish


This is not the most important thing about Polish men, nor the most striking. Yet when you socialise with the Poles or live in Poland, and you lead your normal life, this is something you sooner or later come across…

Poles are amazingly prudish – they are too shy to be naked! Whenever you go to a swimming pool, a fitness club, or anywhere with communal showers – you will most likely encounter the odd sight of men taking shower wearing underwear, doing all sorts of acrobatics with towel to hide their business, or panically reaching and grabbing any possible cover when they notice someone is entering… This is always very funny.

Women, on the other hand, aren’t prudish at all. For instance it’s common to see topless women sunbathing under the Baltic sun. Even elderly ladies, who did have a figure, well, someday.

Abroad, in Europe, it is something normal, for men as well, to get undressed and take a shower. Everyone has a body, everyone has to shower, no one is bothered with it. Poles somehow turn it into some big deal in their heads. Why? What’s beneath?

Are they afraid of other men? Of being looked at? Or is it instinct? Like displaying your delicate parts was a sign of aggression? (Similarly to looking other males in the eyes).

Anyhow, if you’re going to swimming pool in Poland be prepared to either make your carefree nudity  a noticeable demonstration, or conform to the local unwritten rule and take one pair of underpants extra.

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