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Interesting things you didn’t know about Poland #1

According to the excellent blog Angels Do Speak!:

Did you know that Poland is the World’s Smallest Country (The Late Pope John Paul II is the First Polish Pope) and that Vatican City is the World’s Smallest State?

There are so many hilarious confusions going on here we can only assume it was written by an American. Now I see, the Polish Pope was the Pope of Poland! Of course, it all makes sense now!

Interestingly, a couple of days before the above post we were informed:

At 10:18am on 12/5/2008 I had a vision of the late Pope John Paul II:
He predicted ends of wars, Angels Beings consulted with him.

I suspect Angels Do Speak! might be experiencing another miraculous visitation very soon in which JP II smacks her upside the head with an atlas.

I’m tempted to leave a comment pointing out her error, but a wise man once said “Correcting a mistake on the internet is tantamount to subtracting one from infinity.” And anyway, why would I want to deprive other people of the pleasure.

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