John Cleese in a Polish bank commercial

Interesting to see how Western stars denominate in Poland. There was Cindy Crawford and Polish mineral water, there was Madonna and… something, and now John Cleese and bank loans…

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8 thoughts on “John Cleese in a Polish bank commercial

  1. scatts says:

    Yes, I saw that yesterday and was quite surprised. I’d be interested to know how the ad comes across to Poles – good, bad, silly? Is it a good advert, i.e. makes you feel good about the bank in question?

    Apart from his acting and comedy prowess, Cleese did a series of training videos many years ago that were very popular so he should be good at this sort of thing.

  2. Piękny Lolo says:

    To be honest, I’m indifferent to this ad. Doesn’t make me feel good, doesn’t make me feel bad, doesn’t seem funny. To me it seems uninteresting.

    (One thought that crossed my mind when I first saw this first, apart ‘what is he doing here?’ was ‘he has no idea about the product he advertises’)

    And especially it doesn’t do anything to my feelings about the bank. In fact I have my current account in this bank, and I hate it:)

  3. darthsida says:

    The issue with good / funny commercials is that some are too good / funny. Or, it’s like a movie. You watch it and don’t mind the opening or end credits too much. I can thus watch Mr Cleese over and over right now and take the seconds with the bank’s info as an irritating disturbance. What’s the name of it, anyway? Similarly, the kopytko thing, Poland would roar with laughter and the name of the phone provider would not matter.

    PS Was Sophia Loren praising some Polish pasta, for which she’s supposed to be lynched in Italy?

  4. Piękny Lolo says:

    This reminds me ..

  5. Piękny Lolo says:

    Is the John Cleese commercial good? funny? Probably everyone has a different opinion.

  6. pinolona says:

    I love seeing John Cleese on Polish tv! Maybe it’s only funny if you’re a British ex-pat though. Makes me feel at home…

    What about Pierce Brosnan advertising Vistula? I heard he offered a better deal than the Polish actors.

  7. Pawel says:

    Well… it’s growing on me, I’m starting to get the ‘vibe’. The punchline is actually funny.

    Piers Brosnan is another case. Seeing him splashed over all four walls of the former central party headquarters had a strage feeling to it (considering he used to be a foreign agent ehehehe)

  8. guest says:

    LOL ! great commercial !

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