Poles advance into Germany

Poles trying to get onto the property ladder are flooding across the border into the former East Germany where prices are lower and the living is easy.

It is estimated that around 2000 Polish families have purchased houses in Meklemburg and Brandenburg recently.

In a story from Gazeta Wyborcza, translated into English by our very own Pawel on his blog More Poland: Press Review, we learn that Poles working in the Polish city of Szczecin or it’s environs are finding it much easier to find affordable land and housing just over the border in Germany than in their own country.

One young professional who has just bought a slice of Germany a few kilometers from the Polish border is quoted as saying:

I can’t afford an apartment in Poland. In Szczecin metropolis this money (50,000 zł) would buy me a garage. Besides, my wife and I are having twins and we need more Lebensraum.

Now that Poland is a member of the Shengen Agreement crossing the international border between Poland and Germany on the way to-and-from work, or even to-and-from a night out in Szczecin, is no more complicated than turning left. You can even get a taxi to take you from one country to the other if you’ve had one to many piwos.

I love the idea that Poland and Germany are gently merging into one another at the edges. After so many decades of suspicious border guards, land mines, razor wire, and strict division it seems like a utopian dream come true.

Read the full story (in English)

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