Polish road signs: some of my favorites


Polish drivers have a rather relaxed attitude to traffic laws. It may be necessary to provide an interpretation of some of the more common road signs for visitors.

Beware, the other side of the hill may be steeper than you think!


Normal Polish roads ahead.


Polish drivers operating in this area.


Assume bicycles are going the wrong way.


The End!


8 percent of people survive this next stretch of road (pretty good odds).


Target-rich environment ahead.


Beware of underground lightning!


Weirdly mutated children carrying giant lollipops ahead! (seriously, what is that thing supposed to be?)


No need to make up your mind right away.


Opportunity to run over cyclists in the right-hand lane.


Strange boxy vehicles and World War I tanks ahead!


You are now leaving civilization.


It may be necessary to shrug.


What the hell…??


No trumpet playing!


Picnic area with gale-force winds.


Accelerate and overtake here.


Beware of giants carrying cyclists.


All road signs should be taken with a pinch of salt and interpretations read with tongue firmly in cheek.

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127 thoughts on “Polish road signs: some of my favorites

  1. Jubal says:

    You didn’t include my favourite: “Beware of the paedophile!”…

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  3. Brad says:

    My favourite signs are the speed limit signs. Poland is the only country in the EU where the drivers apparently assume the signs are posted in MPH rather than KPH …and still manage to break the speed limits.

  4. Kaylyn says:

    Aaaahahaha oh my gosh that had me in stitches :D

  5. Pawel says:

    Hahahahah LOL

    PS. Where did you see the one with boxy veicles?:) Seems like a sign reserved for confined military areas… Gosh, I wonder Who do you work for?:DDDDDDDDD

  6. Jolanta says:

    Author, you have really made my day – thanks!


  7. Piotr says:

    “Target-rich environment ahead” – omg, this is my favourite “translation” :)

  8. island1 says:

    Thanks all, we aim to please :)

    Jubal: What does the ‘Beware of the paedophile’ sign look like?

    Brad: I thought they just took them to be minimum limits.

    Pawel: I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

  9. Jubal says:

    Here it is – “Beware of the paedophile”: http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grafika:Znak_A-17.svg

  10. island1 says:

    Jubal: Aha! :)

  11. Brad says:

    Speaking of the minimum limits: I once had a cop flash his lights at me because he thought I was driving too slowly, at night, in the left lane. I think I was doing about 60 in a 70 at that point, accelerating up a slight incline after turning left through an intersection. I changed lanes and was just about to flip that gormless idiot the bird when I realized it was a cop and kept my finger to myself.

    BTW: What is it with taxi drivers who are allergic to seat belts? Do you have to have no knowledge of physics in order to drive other people around? …I’ve had hundreds (yes) of taxi rides while in Krakow but never, ever once seen a taxi driver with his (always guys) seat belt on.

  12. darthsida says:

    Author, just for symmetry’s sake, could you show a list of your British faves?
    [How many of them would be international?]

    PS 1.
    I like the “it’s windy enough to let our striped socks dry outdoors” sign.
    Or “someone dropped a bra here” sign.
    Or the “water is scared of me and it shuns me” sign.
    Or the “Indian savage minority in the vicinity” sign.
    Or the “welcome to the sticks” sign. (Yeah!)
    This one has been rebranded to mean “Poland to co-host Euro 2012 and full of optimism”.

    PS 2.
    Not for minors.

    This set 1, 2, 3 warns (?) of byroad women of easy virtue tempting truck-drivers to take a halt.

    Them Norwegians are licentious, too. See this: 9% discount from harbour hookers [“culs-de-port“] with clothes down [“low gear“].

  13. island1 says:

    Darth: British road signs don’t look funny to me because I’ve seen them too many zillions of times. They’re all a bit bland anyway.

  14. darthsida says:

    That’d be my point exactly! How come? Are you meaning Brits don’t have that trumpet sing, for instance? Or are they (signs, not Brits) hidden in places you would not frequent?

  15. scatts says:


    You forgot the “X-Files” sign – Danger of alien abduction ahead – http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grafika:Znak_D-26d.svg

    Also this one – Beware! Unwanted car wash ahead – http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grafika:Znak_D-26b.svg :)

  16. scatts says:

    In the UK we have the “Matrix” sign – Warning! Shift dimensions to avoid flying bullets – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Signmedian.svg

    Also this one – Beware! Cowboys ahead – http://www.equityphotographic.com/acatalog/22027-med.jpg

    and – Beware! Gay cowboys ahead – http://www.equityphotographic.com/acatalog/22028-med.jpg

    Of course there is the world famous – Warning! You may encounter difficulties in erecting your umbrella – http://www.equityphotographic.com/acatalog/22029-med.jpg

    This one is found mainly close to Westminster – http://www.equityphotographic.com/acatalog/22037-med.jpg

    and this is the latest idea in reducing carbon emissions, restricting some roads to only certain makes of vehicle – http://www.equityphotographic.com/acatalog/22040-med.jpg

  17. darthsida says:

    Scatts, I see you refrained from a not-for-minors set in my comment above. (Why would you think of cowboys where I saw trailer ladies? Must be some cultural gap, lol.)

    I liked your “look right” in London. But would wear casual things (no kilt, I mean). [Then, when in Wales, do as Welshmen do, there’s a story.]

  18. scatts says:

    What’s a “trailer lady” and why does she have bow legs? You mean like a ‘lady of loose morals’?

    Sorry to be thick but I think it’s a bit too American for me.

  19. darthsida says:

    And the legs on Roger Water’s cover of Pros and Cons of Hitch-Hiking? That’s from where my associations came here, loose. But okay, let ’em be cowboys, me got no nay.

  20. Greg says:

    Ha ha ha,
    I was laughing my a** off :))

    “Polish drivers operating in this area.”
    That is hillarious :)

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  22. Anonymous says:

    Author, as far as I know Polish taxi drivers are exempt from fastening their seatbelts.


  23. island1 says:

    Jolanta (for we are sure it is she): Seriously?! Is the government trying to encourage them to kill themselves off?

  24. island1 says:

    Greg: Cheers!

    I hate to suggest you might be a North American, but there are three ‘*’s in ‘a***’ :)

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  26. Pawel says:

    this original sign from Łódź is very sorry that the road is closed:D

  27. John Haywood says:

    I am creating a website for my University course in Intermediate web design and would like permission to reproduce your road sign images.
    Although the website will only be ‘live’ during the period of my course works assessment you will of course be properly credited should you allow me to use the images.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  28. island1 says:

    John: If you just want the images they’re all freely available here:


    If you want to use any of the text, please do include a link back here.

    Good luck!

  29. John Haywood says:

    I will include a link on page where the images are displayed and also on a seperate ‘Credits’ page.
    Thank you!!

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  32. Mike lodge says:

    Taxi drivers are exempt from seat belt laws, as are bus and milk float drivers due to the fact that they carry cash and often have to leave the seat.

  33. FYOU! says:

    Hey here’s a laugh you know what Bush means in polish ? Kszaczory haha meaning your pubic hair hahahahhah

  34. Jay says:

    @FYOU!: actually there isn’t such a word, but indeed it can mean pubic hair… as it does in (surprise, surprise) – English.

  35. Martin says:

    More about taxi drivers from Krakow mentioned before. ->They’re the most rude in the whole Poland! I mean relation taxi driver – another car driver, especially when they find out, that you’re not from Krakow!

  36. a says:

    Road signs are merely guidelines, not rules ;)

  37. skirulez says:

    “Beware of underground lightning!” hahaha tihis is great :D

  38. ;] says:


  39. j00ru says:

    That was a good one! really ;>

  40. eliza says:

    angliki to kurwy, smieja sie ze znakow, ktore u sibie takze maja…

  41. kimżeś says:

    brilliant work mate

  42. PL-guy says:

    That one is making pizza!

    “Bomb cars ahead”

    “Don’t talk to strangers”

    “Radio controled cars ahead”

  43. kdo says:

    Zagged zany jerk assholes from UK are more funny (especially those on the main square in Prague oraz Cracow). Hey zerk! Don’t do this here! If you wanna air your belly go to a head.

  44. mitaz says:

    http://www.mmlodz.pl/rep/newsph/226/948.3.jpg check this .. sign in center of Łódź.. one of biggest city in Poland

  45. IGOR says:

    You are all idiots. If you don’t know polish law, don’t laught at it! Fucking assholes! Hitler should blow all of you at WW II.

  46. Anonymous says:

    yes this is nice, im polish but i had a good laugh at the descriptions =] as for polish taxi drivers in krakow it is true that we dont fasten our seatbelts but like someone said before , we have a relaxed attitude for driving restrictions :D come to krakow!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Nie badzcie polaczkami, troche dystansu do siebie.

  48. Damian says:

    Good ones, but English have loads of similar signs as well!! As an example, strange for us: sign saying ELDERLY PEOPLE xD and lots, and lots more. Greets everyone (specially all people from Bristol)

  49. Bart says:

    Poland is only country in EU which has such bad roads – try driving 100-150kms – drive according to speed limits, I guess YOu will waste a lot of time.
    Brad: In Poland You cant pass around another vehicle on its right side, thats why he flashed You.

  50. Wojciech says:

    I’m driver and I love polish roads, becouse driving in Poland is hard so we have many skilled drivers. You know, many corners, traps, yeah, I’m loving it. Regards.

  51. Zwyrol says:

    Noobish mockery attempt.
    Are you Angloamericans born this dull or you take classes? :P

    Explaining Polish roadsigns to dummies:
    (from top to bottom:)

    1. Steep approach!
    2. Hazardous / unstable sideway!
    3. Road accident!
    4. Bicycles coming from the left.
    5. End of the danger indicated by the triangular sign.
    6. True gradient of the road.
    7. Danger of accidents – pedestrians may travel the road.
    8. Danger of accidents – due to slippery pavement after precipitation.
    9. Warning! Children crossing the road!
    10. Order of turns in one-way blocks.
    11. Note: bicycle lane on the sideway!
    12. Note: Military truck / Armoured vechicle speed limits
    13. Coaches or wagons pulled by animals prohibited.
    14. Pedestrian traffic prohibited.
    15. Riksha traffic prohibited.
    16. Horn use prohibited.
    17. Camping field.
    18. Pedestrian crossing.
    19. Pedestrian / bicycle crossing.

    Noobs. :P

  52. Zwyrol says:

    It’s ‘vehicle’, not ‘vechicle’, of course ;) My bad.

  53. island1 says:

    Wykop.pl people: Hello and welcome, thanks for dropping by and for the comments – despite the occasional humor failure (take a chill pill guys).

    Zwyrol: Well it’s lucky you pointed that out because I was actually quite scared of underground lightning.

  54. Polak says:

    W Anglii jest milion razy więcej kretynizmów , chociażby jak ruch lewostronny na przekór całej Europie. A to że nie rozumiesz tych znaków nie oznacza że są głupie. Przepisy drogowe mamy głupie, niepotrzebnie utrudnione, zamiast upraszczać to się utrudnia. Żal.
    The million is the times of more cretinisms in the England , though how the left-sided movement despite whole Europe. And this that you do not understand these signs he does not mark that they are stupid. Stupid, made difficult unnecessarily have road recipes, instead of one simplifies this make difficult. Feel sorry.

  55. sh0tek says:

    hihi nice :) good text.

  56. Pawel says:

    Polak, I’m sure they have even more cretinisms on Crete:>

  57. tetraedr says:


  58. PJ says:

    >Polish drivers have a rather relaxed attitude to traffic laws.

    You’re right! But we _know_ these laws. I live in UK almost 1,5 year now and you seem like you don’t know traffic laws at all, to me. Damn! 30% of Belfast drivers doesn’t even switch on direction indicators! Next 20% do it only when they need to change a lane in heavy traffic. In my opinion, you haven’t too many serious accidents because you drive like pussies.

  59. SJ says:

    most of it isn’t real polish signs, but desciptions are funny ;]

  60. island1 says:

    PJ: Perhaps we should start a national campaign to drive more aggressively so we can get our road death and injury figures up to a more macho level?

    SJ: They are ALL real Polish road signs, only two of them are uncommon. Glad you enjoyed it though :)

  61. magda says:

    “THIS GIANT THING” is a balloon. A typical symbol of childhood.

  62. kasia says:

    look at these! :]

  63. mucio says:

    I’m Italian and I live in Poland, polish people drive very bad, too fast, overtaking on the right lane (the left is the right out of the UK ;) ) on ugly roads :\

    My preferred sign is no tractor http://flickr.com/photos/mucio/542253666/

  64. island1 says:

    magda: A balloon? Then why does it have ears, and why is it on a stick? I’m not convinced. By the way, I seriously would like to know what that thing is.

    kasia: What about them?

    mucio: When Italians start complaining about your driving you know you’re in trouble ;)

  65. Anonymous says:

    Kurwa, dobre to :D

  66. Kobejasi says:

    Dobre, dobre ;-) Nawet nie wiedziałem, że mamy takie fajne znaki ;-)

  67. island1 says:

    Andrew: “Motorcycle stunt team overhead” that’s a good one :)

  68. Anonymous says:

    hehe pojebalo tych anglikow, polowy z tych znakow drogowych w Polsce nie ma.

    Pierdolone nieroby nasmiewaja sie z nas ( jebane leniwe smierdzace grube swinie )

    huj W DUPE ANGLIKOM !!!!!

  69. island1 says:

    I was going to delete the previous comment as a piece of nauseating racism, but then I thought I’d leave it so that everyone can marvel at the appalling waste of oxygen that some people represent.

  70. TopSecret says:

    There are stupid people everywhere, as well as the ones that forget how to laugh. IMHO anyone that cares too much about his nationality is just stupid. We are all the same. It’s a pity that some of us (Poles) don’t realize that and react with stupid agression everytime they see a joke about Poles or Poland. I think this IS funny, especially the one with “Beware of underground lightning!” I don’t see here anything offensive. Life is too short to waste it for nationality bullshit. Have fun instead, I say. (no, I’m not a flower-power kid ;) )

  71. GiM says:

    @island1: marvelous, hilarious, brilliant!
    Truly funny, seems some of guys simply didn’t get it, oh and btw: your entry was 2nd in this weeks “wykop’s”

  72. Mike says:

    That’s really good. Well Poland is full of absurd like that. LOL

  73. MM says:

    LOL. I am from Poland and I had a great fun reading your interpretation of our road signs :) Really good stuff :)

  74. Martin says:

    hehe nice interpretation m8 ;) greetings from Poland ;)

  75. good advice says:

    polak… I tried to read the English part of your comment… I tried, I did, but my mind was hurting as hell… the headache is way worse than caused by any of the road signs above.

    therefore a piece of advice for you: please learn to speak/write the other language *before* you get yourself into an argument… or keep a low profile, be quiet, please!

  76. fAzI says:


    This Was so funny for me ;)

    Thanks. I’m from Poland as well but i live in ireland from 4 years.
    In Ireland in so m uch more stupid thing and almoust all they saw in england before :)

    Keep going ;)

  77. MikeLondon says:

    I absolutely loved it. My fellow comrades should take a chill pill or simply stfu. Thanks for even taking a look at this god forsaken country and thanks for making my day.


  78. teav says:

    Polish taxi drivers are allowed not to fasten theirseatbelt for safety reasons (!). Yes, in case you get attacked from behind. It used to happen quite often, especially in the south-east, so the government passed a special law. ;)

  79. Ania says:

    Oh, come on! Polish driving is nothing compared to English flying…


  80. falubaz (PL) says:

    good advice: polak’s comment was certainly translated using a lo-fi translator or simply a dictionary (word-by-word), but I understand his intentions were better than they appear to be. On the other hand, I assume you speak only one language as well… ;)

    island1: I don’t find your interpretation funny at all. It doesn’t mean of course that I find it abusing (?) but while reading it simply didn’t make me smile a single time. My explanation to this is that first of all: I’d been brought up seeing these signs since I remember (although some of them I see for the first time: 3,4,12).

    Second important thing is that you don’t stare at a roadsign for minutes standing 2 meters away in front of it, right? The purpose of a roadsign is to attract a driver’s attention to certain matter. That’s why when you look at them this big – you WILL certainly notice strange details or abnormal proportions. Thus you WILL get a reason to interpret them your way. They are pictograms (?) which symbolically pass a message and that’s why they look strange. If you like to play fair to these roadsigns :) you should reduce their size to a thumbnail and have a 2-5sec glance at each of them. This is how you note a roadsign while driving.

    I visit this blog for the first time and I’m not very much into it yet, so excuse me it I get something wrong. But what I’d like to remark is that one shouldn’t expect the other to laugh at the others’ country silliness before he proves he CAN laugh at his own country silliness. I’m not sure if I made myself clear…
    Anyway if someone likes to hear what I find silly or stupid in Poland/Poles (and believe me there’s some of that), I’m ready to talk, but I will expect something similar from the other side…

    Although this interpretation is not offensive to me I DO understand people to whom it is. It really depends on one’s point of view.

  81. island1 says:

    TopSecret: You have my vote.

    GiM: Nice to know, it’s obvious that wykop visitors are highly intelligent and good looking people :)

    fAzI: Thanks, I think… :)

    falubaz: I was just having a laugh, not at Poland (I didn’t even think of this), just at the funny way that road signs can be interpreted. I would write the same kind of post about British or Chinese or Argentinian road signs if I saw them. There’s nothing to be offended about here unless you happen to be related to the person who designed these particular signs, and even then it’s just a light hearted joke.

  82. Anonymous says:

    haha you`re very funny. Like a shit…

  83. Matthew says:

    Haha, great. When I visit Poland, the most common signs I’d say would be the “Wypadki” signs, or, how this site names it “Beware of underground lightning!”

    Though I’ve never really bothered looking at signs since I’m still just some random 14 year old kid who could care less about them ;D

    One thing I could say about Polish roads though, is that some of them could really be damaged and be really bumpy to drive through. And again, there are the lots of recent road construction that just like to get in the way of everything. One section of one side of the road is closed, so you have to wait quite a bit for one lane to pass, and the you have the lane that’s waiting, which stretches out quite a bit.

    Other than that, can’t say I’ve seen any bad drivers. Except for that one drunk driver down all the way in Silesia, Poland.

    Also, I’m sure this site gets bashed by a lot of Polish-only speakers, eh? Seems like it from some of the comments posted above. I’m Polish and I actually find this entertaining ;D

  84. polish says:


    Im polish and I’ve never seen most of this signs at the roads never ever. What do u say about that?

    And once more – the polish drivers are very very f* good because they use polish roads everyday. I suppose none of you have seen them ever! so please respect us!! :)

  85. Matthew says:

    ^I say that you just haven’t really noticed these signs. I can’t say I’ve seen all these signs, but some of these signs are, in fact, pretty common.

    No, not all Polish drivers are “very very f* good”. Same applies to a driver of any other nationality. You’ll get good drivers, you’ll get average drivers, and you’ll get terrible drivers in any country. Before you call me any names, I’m Polish, too, and I visit family and friends in Poland every so often.

  86. Teus says:

    Brad, Taxi drivers are not wearing seat belts for their safety. In Poland taxis are normal cars with few signs and proper electronic stuff. They didn’t used to have a wall from bullet-proof glass inside. Driver without fasten seatbelts can easier escape or defend while being attacked by passenger.

  87. ola says:

    “that giant thing” is realy called a “lolipop”. In reality it looks like this http://www.nopex.com.pl/lizaki_policyjne.html and is used by mostly by traffic police.

    By the way, have you noticed that a person in “pedestrian crossing’ sign in Czech Republik and Slovakia is wearing a hat ?:)

  88. island1 says:

    Polish: I’ve definitely seen most (not all) of these signs.

    I’m not in the slightest bit convinced by the “Polish drivers are very good because they drive on bad roads” argument, which I’ve heard hundreds of times – it seems to be a national myth. The truth is that, in general, Polish drivers are inconsiderate, drive too fast, and treat traffic laws with contempt. It’s not a sport people, lives are at stake. You can go on all you like about getting from Warsaw to Gdansk in record time despite the bad roads or how Polish people are too romantic and rebellious to follow the rules but just wait until you kill a 5-year-old and then tell me how clever you all are.

    If you have bad roads (and yes, I have seen them) DRIVE MORE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY – it’s not rocket science.

  89. island1 says:

    Ola: Thanks for the comment, that’s the most convincing theory I’ve heard so far. I wonder if, when this sign was originally designed, schools had somebody with a ‘lollipop’ sign to help the kids cross the road. This what we had in the UK when I was a kid (not sure if we still do) and they were actually called ‘lollipop men/women’.

  90. ola says:

    Island 1: It is exactly as you wrote. In Poland those helping to cross the road are called “Agatka” (girl’s name) I have no idea why. However it’s rather hard to come across one nowadays.

    “you are now leaving civilisation” – brilliant :)

  91. NebmeS says:

    http://photos38.nasza-klasa.pl/dev82/0/382/652/0382652045.jpg and these? what it means ^^’ ?

    /regards from poland

  92. NebmeS says:

    this one is from Russia (ps. sorry for flooding posts)

  93. […] Polskie znaki drogowe widziane oczami Anglika z Polandian. […]

  94. Anonymous says:

    fuck off !!!!!

  95. island1 says:

    NembeS: I’m sure what it means, but it’s probably a good thing that they are not allowed – whatever they are.

  96. thotem says:

    LOL, brilliant. some of these captions made me laugh for a really long time… also, I notice human weeds sprouting in the comments… It’s regrettable I have to assume they’re my compatriots :/

  97. ashtonx says:

    skateboarding satanists not allowed ?

  98. Karol says:

    Wow!!!! Nice interpretation;) UK signs can be really funny too:


    hmmmm, for me it’s obvious that red light means “don’t go”…;)

  99. tomski says:

    you all offend me.
    as a polish American I can not believe the racism you show.
    Poland has a long and noble history rich with … signs.
    please stop

  100. Mat says:

    Has anyone seen the dog toilet sign?

    There are sometimes these dog toilets (basically small fenced off areas, filled with sand so dogs can do their business), usually in Parks.

    The sign looks quite literally, like a big pooh is coming out of his bottom (I think it’s intended to be a cocked leg). So funny.

    Slightly off topic. But make me chuckle.

  101. zaimek says:

    This was a nice post, and it made me laugh. Shame some other ‘Poles’ didnt understand the joke.
    Recently I drove by a sign that was saying literally: ‘Caution: Dog ends here’ since some letters where not printed at all.
    There is a very short mention in the introduction to ‘Watching the English’ by Kate Fox that deals w/ the way Poles drive. Id say the author quite accurately noticed that there are many unwritten rules that have to be taken into account while driving in Poland.
    While it is certainly true that bad roads dont make good drivers, esp. if they dont obey the law, slow = careful is not exactly straight-froward as well. Even the authorities admit that e.g. speed limits on many roads are set too low, and thus encourage speeding. It is even planned to increase those on some roads, and simultaneously install speeding cameras every couple km to ensure these limits are obeyed. The real problem is not how Poles drive but how they feel while driving – its like they think they are the only ones driving the road, but this attitude changes gradually. Its changed so much over the last decade or so, and its easy to notice if you bike here.
    Ive spent some time in GB. Enough to say that the biggest problem is ignorance and that it is common among all of ppl regardless of their nationality. Once driven by curiosity I asked some Brit what does exactly the flashing yellow lamp on some crossings mean. He didnt know because he didnt drive a car. How can you be 2x and not know?! Another time I wondered if it is really allowed to cross streets wherever I want (in Poland you could get fined). The answers went like that: ‘crossings are for your safety, if you want to risk go ahead’ and I also had ‘its a guideline, not a rule’.
    BTW Zwyrol’s explanation of sign no. 4 is wrong, or maybe rather inaccurate. This sign is used to signal that the *red* bike trail (not lane) is turning right shortly.

  102. Steve says:

    Polak – you know that the ‘cretinisms of driving on the left’ in England are for one very good reason:- Napolean never invaded Britain. Everyone travelled on the left until Napolean, then he switched everyone to the right. The reason for travelling on the left is simple: if you travel on the left, you steer (your horses) from the right and it means you can defend yourself better because your right arm (your sword arm, usually) is free to swing.

  103. explorish says:

    I LAUGHED OUT LOUD all by myself. one of the most hilarious things seen in a long while. thanks guys!

  104. island1 says:

    explorish: My pleasure. Drive safely… sell your car.

  105. BlueCat says:

    I hope you have also learnt what this roads signs really means. I understand that this is a joke but this kind of jokes were funny in primary school, lol, I believe you can do better.

  106. Seraph says:

    Aż zacytuje pewnego człowieka który nie wiadomo po jaki chuj zostawił tutaj comment:

    “August 15, 2008 at 3:25 pm
    hehe pojebalo tych anglikow, polowy z tych znakow drogowych w Polsce nie ma.
    Pierdolone nieroby nasmiewaja sie z nas ( jebane leniwe smierdzace grube swinie )
    huj W DUPE ANGLIKOM !!!!! ”

    Jeżeli uważasz że nie ma takich znaków w Polsce to się bardzo, ale to bardzo mylisz matole…
    Jeżeli dalej uparcie twierdzisz że nie ma takich znaków to zobacz tutaj:

    natomiast jeżeli wciąż uparcie twierdzisz, że mimo to nie ma takich znaków, widać że swoją edukację o ruchu drogowym zakończyłeś na podstawówce i zajęciach “ZPT” w kierunku nauczenia cię czegokolwiek żebyś chociaż kartę rowerową zdał, chociaż albo miałeś dupnych nauczycieli albo jesteś aż takim debilem… Drech, czy blodnyn?

  107. Margot says:

    island1, man, you made me laugh my arse off! that was hilarious! don’t worry about angry Poles, not all of us are total morons without a hint of sense of humour. good stuff!
    pieprzone polaczki-zmywaczki, żal mi was, na tych zmywakach wam chyba mózgi wyczyściło

  108. Pete says:

    What about English signs, like ducks in a red triangle or 2 grannies:))

  109. Michal says:

    u’ve just made my day ;)

  110. Simon says:

    I feel sorry for this sort of people. You should have deleted his comments anyway. I believe they deserve nothing but single ticket straight to hell!

  111. kalista says:

    great interpretations! I love it! :D it made me roll with laugh :D

    and the sign you’re asking about with the girl carrying a big red lolipop means that nearby you will find some nice public houses :D:D no, just joking, seriously it means that there are some schools (public?:D) and children can suddenly run into the street so it’s better to lower the speed cos if not you’re probably going to have some 7-year-old human spread tomatos on the road

  112. island1 says:

    kalista: Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know what the sign you are talking about means, I just don’t know what that thing is she is holding.

  113. Tadek says:

    look Czech road sign

  114. Karolina says:

    You all are stupid ! Slilly american people…you don’t know anythink about Poland but you could talk wet cement about Poles…
    Digest first and find out something about Poland before you’ll begin speak out. We have more history than you. So shut up

  115. Sylwia says:

    I must thank you, Karolina! I’m enjoying Island’s snarky responses to silly people so much I cherish comments like yours in anticipation of my great pleasure. :D

  116. island1 says:

    Karolina: I ain’t no American, and I’ve got 9.5 percent more history than you.

    So this “digest first and find out something” rule only applies to other people I assume ?

  117. Pawel says:

    LOL 9.5? How so? :)

    Counting since Alfred?

  118. What’s Taking place i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It positively helpful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to contribute & aid other users like its helped me. Great job.

  119. markmbha says:

    Very strange. Better without the comments below the picture.

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