7 thoughts on “Polish Logo Competition #6: Retail

  1. Name says:

    1. Biedronka!

    3. Poczta polska

    4. Is for petrol, maybe “Orzel”?

    9. Zabka (with a dot on the Z)

  2. Nicolas says:

    1. biedronka, yes !
    2. no se
    3. Poczta polska, oczywiście !
    4. Orlen, not Orzel, petrol anyway ;)
    5. no se
    6. cyfra + (french!)
    7. no se
    8. no se
    9. Żabka :-)

  3. kurnik says:

    2. Lewiatan
    5. Cyfrowy Polsat
    7. Lotos (?)
    8. Saturn

  4. polkaontheisland says:

    10. Kruk

  5. Grze$ko says:

    1. “Squashed but happy” – Orthopaedic aids for pets.
    2. “Losers R us” – An Ukrainian supplier of slightly blood stained BMWs and flashy mobile phones.
    3. “The electric marching band Inc.” Specialising in electric trumpets and ocarinas.
    4. “The angry pigeon pet foods”
    5. “Blow up supplies” – you guessed it!
    6. “We are yet to finish our logo design” A chain of szwarc-mydlo-i-powidlo shops
    7. “Kolektors – Fertiliser Division” Dedicated to those interested in home made explosives.
    8. “Saturn Sex Shops” Formerly know as “Uranus entertainment”
    9. “Glass’Em’Up” A reputable supplier of ridiculously small aquariums and terrariums. Perfect for small apartments, holiday houses and sadists.
    10. “The drill sergeant” An army surplus chain supplying fatigues to pit bull owners since 1840.

  6. Decoy says:

    Yes, unfortunately I only realised that Cyfra+ is actually a part of Canal+ (and thus French) after posting. Then it was too late to go back and find another suitable logo, unfortunately.

  7. Decoy says:

    Hehe, very good – especially numbers 8 and 10!

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