Warsaw restaurant review – Butchery & Wine

Firstly, apologies for butchering the logo but they don’t make it easy to advertise the place. You can see all the proper images on their website here – http://www.butcheryandwine.pl/en/

Before I go any further, there are three rules for eating at this place:

  1. You like meat
  2. Someone else is paying
  3. You have made a reservation

I can blame both halves of my boss for having the chance to eat here. One half is Belgian, lives in Warsaw, knows about food and wine and had this restaurant appearing on his Outlook calendar a suspiciously large number of times. The other half is British, lives in the UK and was visiting Warsaw last week. So, the first half brought it to my attention and the other half provided the reason to splash out although fair to say I think he’d have preferred the curry house just around the corner!

It’s located on Żurawia, which leads down from Marszalkowska to Plac T.K and which, following the success of places like the trendy Szpilka i Szparka, is rapidly becoming a posers paradise and somewhere for people like me to avoid. Nevertheless, a good street for business albeit not over-blessed with large retail units in which to locate a popular eating establishment, which is why Butchery & Wine is a touch too small and hence the need for a reservation.

It continues what is threatening to become a sustainable trend of people opening restaurants that are not only well designed but also serve good food. That’s not to say the food in Poland is not good because at grass roots level it is. You could, can and always will find somewhere serving very acceptable food of a ‘Polish style’. That’s to say the menu that includes kotlet schabowy, mizeria, żurek and so on – although it has to be said I would have no clue where to find such a place inside Warsaw. I’m also not saying that Warsaw has never had a good collection of restaurants, because it has, aside from perhaps first two or three years I was here, but what’s been missing until recently is good restaurants that stay open more than a few months to a year. In the past they would appear and then just as they had made it onto your short list of favourite eating places they would disappear again. In the most recent years however the situation has stabilised. Good restaurants are surviving and the list is being added to every year. Within easy striking distance for us it probably started with Mielżyński’s wine bar back in 2004 and the rate of new additions has been accelerating ever since.

Back to B&W. We all skipped the starters, which is a shame because the choice looks very tempting and on the next visit I’ll be trying either the white onion & parmesan soup at 15 zlots or the seared scallops at 55 zlots depending on how rich I’m feeling. That’ll be the soup then! For the main course I shared a Cote de boeuf from minimum 2 weeks aged beef Red Angus with Grzegorz while Paul had the Aged beef fillet with fondant potato, spinach & truffles and Michał the Grilled tuna steak with salad Niçoise. All were delicious and, whilst I’m not a world expert on Cote de boeuf, this was every bit as good as the one we had in Paris in February. The extras of creamy mashed potatoes, raspberry tomato salad and so on were also very tasty.

Having skipped starters we felt justified in going for deserts and so a few Creme Brûlée were demolished by the rest while I went for a bread and butter pudding with ice cream. Along with two bottles of Tuscan red wine two large bottles of water and coffees the bill came to about 880 zlots, 220 per head. Like I said, best if someone else is paying but not ridiculous for what we had and the obvious quality of the ingredients.

We all enjoyed it and I will at some stage return with the family. They say that the French love their food and wine and know where to find the good stuff, if that is true then the fact that on the night we visited at least 50% of the guests were speaking French must be a recommendation in itself.

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3 thoughts on “Warsaw restaurant review – Butchery & Wine

  1. Paula ate at that curry place just around the corner, in fact. Said it was very good.

  2. […] also had a short trip around town with Ian, and he showed one or two restaurant options, including Butchery & Wine, and some sushi options. It was telling though that he recommended an Asian restaurant called […]

  3. annajamro says:

    try real argentine grill PODKOWA WINE DEPOT Winiarnia & Argentyński Grill, probably the best steakhouse in Poland

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