How to make Poles angry? [Teaser]

Some of you may need to know what Poland and Poles are truly like or about.

The saying is: “truth shows when wine flows”. When someone goes sloshed(wards), their mind starts closing but their mouth starts spilling the beans (beside some grosser things) — so you can learn a lot. Yet, though any potent wine, plonks included, can do the trick – you have to stay sober yourself — and the timing is crucial since Poles are not heavy drinkers.

So, there’s another way: Make Poles angry.

It’s cheaper. Quicker. Better. Healthier. Sexier.

By making a Pole angry, you’ll make him utter his loud truths. I wrote “him” and “his” as men are socially permitted to give in to their aggression and they get fuming freely, unlike women. (And the generalisation I’ve just made is only to make the female reader angry. Quote, “Hell hath no fury like a woman”, unquote.) By the way, discussing Polish women is some evergreen hellraiser.

Optionally, you may consider hints about how to make Poles angry as warnings what not to discuss with them. Take the nukes, hide them in your arsenal, and pray no one steals or uses them.

The nukes will be my next 7-8 posts — discussing:

1. Polish sportsmen. (Why 30 years’ old memories of clowns are young?)
2. Polish soldiers. (Why they never won their battles, anyway? The whole truth in two half-truths.]
3. Polish artists. (Why no one heard of them?)
4. Polish scientists. (Why they speak American English?)
5. Polish workers. (Why miners, teachers, pensioners
won’t get to decent work?)
6. Polish friends. (And how to use them.)
7. Poles who have to be Polish. (Though they don’t want to or don’t know why.)

[There will be more, but only if your comments make me angry enough.]

Stay tuned to Polandian.


You can release your anger here, too.

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28 thoughts on “How to make Poles angry? [Teaser]

  1. scatts says:

    1/ Polandian – the land of lists!

    2/ Are we going for the world record for the blog that contains the most lists now?

    3/ Not aimed at you in particular, darth.

    4/ :)

  2. guest says:

    2. Polish soldiers. (Why they never won their battles, anyway?)

    -Moscow 1612 (even Napoleon and Adolf could not do it ;) )
    -monte cassino
    -cud nad wisla
    -Saratoga USA (Kosciuszko)
    and many others..

    3. Polish artists. (Why no one heard of them?)

    one exapmple…

    Tamara Lempicka

    If you want i can give you more names…. ;)

  3. darthsida says:

    you joker you. If you’d been serious you’d have written the truth: Grunwald (or Tannenberg) was a defeat, Moscow was a defeat, Vienna and Chocim were defeats, Monte Cassino was a defeat, Racławice was a defeat.
    Warsaw 1920 was not a defeat but that’s why it’s called miracle. Saratoga was not a Polish battle and Tamara Lempicka was not a Polish artist. So thanks for trying, but no :)

    I liked your point 4 most. And hey, after we have listed all Poland, we can make lists of lists, charts, stats, then quizzes for our readers.

  4. guest says:

    ha, ha darthsida

    i think you should read some books before you start writing something on this blog. Because what you write is just pure BS. ;)

  5. darthsida says:

    Guest, as “BS” stands for “Britannica Standard” – I thank you – and see you reading my next posts when I explain why Poles are losers though they think they’re not ;)

  6. eenx says:

    8. Which one follower? Indonesian flag, or Polandian Flag ?

  7. darthsida says:

    the Indonesian flag could be very useful to many Poles. To see it as their own they’d have to do some headstand. (A position like this one can seriously change one’s point of view on what’s important and what’s not.)

  8. darthsida says:

    thanks for your efforts. Wait 2-3 days and then you’ll be converted, I say.

    In the meantime I’ll point your attention back to the Thaddeus Kosciuszko link. So, there’s this American hero, so famous that Amercs clearly don’t take his name in vain (class, repeat after me KOS-CHOOS-KO) and he’s doing some engineering job for Saratoga, but in Wiki entry “battle of Sarataga” no Pole gets a mention, not even as commander, and what are we talking about here anyway, Saratoga’s not Poland, it’s not even Europe, for facts’ sake.

  9. guest says:

    Your ignorance is just pathetic.

  10. darthsida says:

    if this judgement of yours was made in anger, it might carry some truth. See?

  11. guest says:

    I am German.

  12. Pawel says:


    But seems even you’re German, post succeeded in making you angry:))

  13. guest says:

    Yes, it makes me angry if someone writes that Lepmicka is a Chinese artist ,Adolf Hitler is a Brit , Kosciuszko an Italian musican and the only batte Poland and England have won is the battle in a local Pub…

  14. Yola says:

    Tell us the truth guest,

    are you Polish or German, really?

    you could be Polish, because you’re angry. and you could be German, because you can’t read between the lines:)

  15. guest says:

    …that’s just dumb ignorance. And I am allergic to it.

  16. scatts says:

    darth predicted anger. darth rools!

  17. Jacek says:

    ‘Guest’ – you really lack of finesse, because you didn’t spot provocation.. The task of this article is to prove, that some themes and thesis makes Poles automatically angry.
    There are others, very hot and popular:
    – Throwing at someone, who never personally saw Jews – label, that he is ‘antisemitic’, because “Poles get antisemitism with mother’s milk”
    – In similar situation, saying about someone, who personally never met homosexual person (maybe hear about 1), that he is homophobic.
    When we hear such repeated accusations, we (at lest I) want to take some club and reset discussion. Basically – We – “generation of children of children of war” – we don’t wanna take side. Just live and look. Until forced…
    (sorry for my probably imperfect English)

  18. darthsida says:

    => Paweł
    why implying anger? A man won’t admit their anger for it’d make them look weaker. (Of course, if you’re not in the Sith way of thought.)

    => Yola
    why ask? When you get the answer, you won’t know if it’s true.

    => scatts
    But I was just warming up. I’m not too happy about, eh, premature exasperation.

    => Jacek
    Don’t take sides. Better yet: don’t take action. You’d restore a bit of my hope in the youth of Poland then. For, at most times, I think our youth — despite their declarations given in peace — would go lose or ruin their lives in some now equivalents of, say, the Warsaw Uprising, if the everdamned patriotic call should be.

  19. scatts says:

    Polish art is universally unknown but with absolutely no justification. There is some very good stuff indeed. I particularly like Jacek Malczewski but there are many others. I put a gallery together years ago, you can find it here –

    We frequently buy more modern Polish art for our home, although we’ve run out of wall space now. Perhaps best known from the ones we have at home is Dwurnik.

  20. guest says:

    Magdalena Abakanowicz
    Jan Cybis
    Wilhelm Sasnal
    Roman Opalka
    Katarzyna Kobro
    Pawel Althamer
    Tadeusz Kantor
    Miroslaw Balka
    Krzysztof Bednarski
    Tomasz Ciecierski
    Jerzy Nowosielski
    Piotr Potworowski
    Wladyslaw Strzeminski

    and many others….

  21. guest says:

    And all of them are universally known.

  22. island1 says:

    I’m universally ignorant of all of them, and I use the word advisedly. Apart from Wyspainski for (in-house) obvious reasons.

  23. guest says:

    If you are universally ignorant of all of them it makes you life less interesting…

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  27. Adam says:

    Actually, “truth shows when wine flows” is not Polish expression – it is borrowed from Latin “in vino veritas”.

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