Polandian quiz #2

First of all, thanks for the responses to the Polandian Polish poll of polls below. So far we’ve had 60 responses of which only 5 people think it’s a bad idea. By any democratic standards that means we ignore the 5 and slip in the odd poll when we fell it might enhance the customer’s experience! Oh yes! I finally found how to see what the “other” comments were and let’s just say they included “Kaczynski is a nude sex god” and leave it at that.

Secondly, following on from the runaway success of the first Polandian meeting a second was arranged thanks to some friendly chat mixed in with comments about water quality. It took place last night in a secret venue somewhere near Warsaw. I could tell you where, but then I’d have to kill you all. Attending were, in no particular order; Chris, Robert, Adam and myself. Here they all are, I’m behind the lens but represented in the photo by a pack of Davidoff lights!

A good time was had by all and a nicer bunch of people you couldn’t wish to meet. We will almost certainly repeat the event, hopefully with a few more attendees. If you’re interested in attending the next meeting let us know? All nationalities, colours, languages, shapes and sizes welcome.

Which all leads me to Polandian quiz #2. (We have to do something while our ace reporter is busy building his mobile JPII statue!) If you haven’t twigged by now – if you don’t want to be in a Polandian quiz then don’t let me take your photo! :-)

Seriously though, this time I have asked if anyone objects to their picture being on the blog although the quiz idea has just flushed over me so that aspect might come as something of a surprise. I will warn you that all the people in the photo comment regularly on Polandian and will for sure be sending the boys around to see anyone getting “overly personal” and lacking a sense of humour. Let’s face it, it has taken me quite a while to calm Monika down after the last quiz and I’m not going through that again! (Have a go at this one Mon!)

Und zooooo, meine freunde. Looking at the picture above we have three people – one is British but with Polish roots, one is American and the other is British. The question is – which is which? Vote away and please feel free to elucidate your vote in the comments section.

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30 thoughts on “Polandian quiz #2

  1. YGL says:

    I’m picking the one on the far right as being the American for some reason – otherwise I’m not really sure on the other two – they both look somewhat Polish to my “I’m Polish-American but live far from any other Polish-Americans except for my family” self… but I’m picking the one in the middle as the GB/PL

  2. scatts says:


  3. guest says:

    This one is too tough for me. I give up. :(

  4. Anonynomous says:

    Oh the shame of appearing as part of a pole volte. All permissions rescinded. You can expect to hear from my advocaat.

  5. scatts says:

    That’s me off the Christmas card list!


  6. expateek says:

    The one on the far right is the American. His whole body is so relaxed and confident… He just looks like he couldn’t care less… at least about whether you think he’s an American or not! It’s just that “whateveh” factor… American unconsciousness. Not that he’s not charming in his own American way.

    The other two? Well, the middle guy has that nice square jaw and the Polish crossed-arms thing goin’ on, so I have to say, he’s been in some British pubs, but he’s ancestrally Polish. Just sayin’. Love those big shoulders. Totally fetching, in that come-hither-Polish-dude way….

    Mr “On-the-left”? Well, he’s all curled up and probably has just made some mind-bogglingly witty Oxbridge-ish remark at the pub-quiz nite, which Mr. 2 and 1 are just totally speechless over, so obviously, he’s the Brit. Too clever by half. And also totally charming in his own British-ish way.

  7. island1 says:

    I was completely hopeless at the last quiz, so I asked my girlfriend and she says the guy on the left is Ukrainian (!?), the guy in the middle is Polish and the guy on the right is British. I’m guessing the Ukrainian is an American with possibly unknown Ukrainian roots.

    I note I’m the only person who voted for this combination… I got it wrong again didn’t I…

  8. DC says:

    Scatts –

    You could choose to label your decision to ignore the 5 dissenting votes as “democratic centralism” and probably get away with it.

    You already think I’m a yank yahoo, so commenting on the guy on the left’s crossed legs probably couldn’t make things worse. UK. The sweater tied on the waist means not US, unless gay 20 years ago (don’t get ugly everybody – I’m gay). Interesting facial features too but that often means nothing.

    I originally went for the guy in the middle as from the States. Then I went to the enlarged pic. Wedding ring on the left hand on the guy on the right. Mixed drink maybe instead of beer? And the poor sap forgot to buy duty free, forgetting that Marlboros (with the warning pics) taste different in the EU, or maybe even *gasp* forgot his ultralights. Wish I could see the lighter. White trainers although that is not as reliable as a few years ago. Something unusual around the tips of the shoes of the guy in the middle.

    OK, I voted before reading comments, trying to be honest. Thanks for doing this again – it’s fun!.


  9. Anonymous says:

    expateek and DC – I am one of the poor souls in the picture, won’t say which one (at this point). Very prescient observations you both have. It was a fun evening and we were pleased that scatts was behind the camera so we did not have to compete with his good looks in the photo! You have to consider that scatts reversed the picture and that the guy’s wedding ring really may be on his left hand

  10. expateek says:

    Ha ha ha! Don’t try to confuse me! I can’t tell my left from my right, so if you tell me the picture is reversed, then I have to mentally flip it, but wait, if that guy is facing me, then the hand over on that side of the pikky has to be the opposite of my hand here, attached to my arm, which is my… ummm… gosh, what is it, left or right?

    THIS is why I always try to look at my car from far away so I can remember which side the steering wheel is on before I walk up to it on the wrong side and look like a total nutter!

    I stand by my original guesses, though maybe if you have all three pose in the nude I could give you a more precise reading… Not that I’m into objectifying men or anything! Just trying to be accurate!

  11. scatts says:


    If anyone needs an even bigger picture to help decide – click the picture above to get to the large pBase version and then click “original” (written below the large version) and you’ll get the full uploaded size.

    I can tell you that at the moment, some people are right, some are close, some are wrong and some are very wrong! :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    A good idea scatts – adding the possible reversal adds another dimension – ways to figure it out though. Bob

  13. Chris says:

    I’m flabbergasted that people think I’m the Polish one; I’m smiling for God’s sake. Maybe it’s a compliment in disguise.

  14. Jacek Wesołowski says:

    Well, you are smiling, but who knows – maybe you’re dying inside?

  15. guest says:

    the guy behind the cam is from the UK. !

    do i get 100 points ? :D

  16. Anonymous says:

    Chris – see, you’ve already gone native! (I thought it would take a bit longer) [guess we are throwing hints with each comment we make – maybe red herrings]

    Hope your trip to the north worked out. My better half is in Sweden attending to exactly the same type of issue – very sad – 1 year old great niece


  17. Chris says:


    It was a very sad but moving day. I’m glad I went to see him off and I’m glad I’m on standby today; I’m a bit tired.

    Here’s the chap himself (All in Polish): http://www.naszdziennik.pl/index.php?typ=my&dat=20081018&id=my13.txt

    He’s a true hero. One of the very, very few I’ve ever met.

  18. Bob says:

    Very interesting Chris, looks to have been a heck of a guy.

  19. scatts says:

    Well, you are smiling, but who knows – maybe you’re dying inside?

    Laughed a lot at that one!

    Chris, you obviously have the looks and after just a short time you’ve got the language sorted so I think this is your destiny!

    I’ll reveal all tomorrow………

  20. Chris says:

    I know it’s my destiny. My wife told me it is….Resistance is futile.

    By the way, I read through your posts about the ghettos in Warsaw and Krakow, fantastic stuff Scatts.

  21. scatts says:

    Glad you enjoyed the ghetto stuff. I did the Warsaw 3-parter but it was island who did Krakow. He lives there so he knows those streets like the back of his hand. :)

  22. scatts says:

    Mixed feelings today because Hamilton won the F1 but West Ham lost to Hull, so I’m 50% depressed!


    71% (38/54) of voters spotted the American but only 17% (9/54) went on to get the GB and the GB/PL the right way around.

    The last answer is the correct one – GB/PL – GB – USA

    Thanks to Adam, Chris and Robert for being the guinea pigs and to all of you who played the game.

    Comparing to the last compo, it is clear that spotting a lone true Brit amongst a group of true Poles is easier than this one was.

    Island – don’t give up the day job! :-)

    I’ll try to come up with something slightly different next time.

  23. Anonymous says:

    “The last answer is the correct one – GB/PL – GB – USA”

    Yes! :)
    And again, skull look…knew the one on the right was American (though he looks more like a Canadian – don’t know why), the guy in the middle looks typically British, at least to me.

    But hey, scatts, would it be possible (next time) to post a girls’ picture…would be much more fun, and easier or harder to guess???

  24. scatts says:

    Girls would be good.

  25. guest says:

    skull look ?

    GB/PL has the same skull like the Brit in the 1st quiz. IMO.

  26. guest says:

    ps: Pinolona does not look british. ;)

  27. island1 says:

    I happened to find some images on the internet thingy that might be usable in a ‘spot the Polish girl’ competition if that’s any help.

    Day job? I’m supposed to have a day job as well!?

  28. boattown guest says:

    Third part was the easiest- one of them is not drinking beer.
    The guy in the middle reminds me of Jerzy from ‘Klan’ series (sorry…)
    I love such quizes scatts!

  29. Bob says:

    Coke – had the car, next time I’ll take the bicycle like Adam

    Scatts – I think we will need a bigger venue next time – how about the ‘new Euro 2012 stadium’ in Warsaw when it opens in 2018?

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